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Being Ability to do – Power to do – Will to do

Question: ..... does it talk about knowing, being able to be and being able to do?

Answer: The hermetic Philosophy says not to mix up the devotional attitude with the spiritual aspect. The action of the Mystic is expressed through three aspects which transcend the common speculative ability: « ability to do »; « power to do » ed « will to do». And these are eventually synthesized in the «Act of will» expressed in Being as opposed to the “appearing” of the material appearance.

Ability to do is the aspect of activity: the evolution on the physical-emotional level.
Power to do is the aspect of knowledge: the interaction with the level of soul – the so-called pure thought free from instinctive features of the animal soul.
Will to do is the aspect of will: the interaction with the monad or spiritual level.

These three aspects are the triad of the inner abilities that allow the reflection of the supreme Being to be inside us. The Cosmic Triad, called the major Triad.

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