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The dark side of ourselves

Question: I have read the article "Towards the inner transmutation" and I think that it is necessary to clarify the “process” to follow in order to reach the “initiatory metamorphosis”. What to do… how… For how long… where… And then… It is necessary to explain why it is so difficult to know the “dark side” of ourselves. What are the obstacles that interfere in the reaching of the “illumination”.

Answer: Dear friend, thank you for the questions to which I will try and answer in brief.
For obvious reasons a wise man sticks to an idea and he tries and illustrates it as best as he can. In that case the word “towards” expresses an indication and not a conclusion.

Your questions are appropriate but the subject is vast. So much that it can’t be dealt with in a unique work, unless it is a book. Therefore many questions are fragmented in as many answers that make the numerous essays we publish. This is our method for divulging.

On the subject of illumination, for example, we have already published a lot. The same for the initiatory metamorphosis, that is often called metallic transmutation (metal as a metaphor of feelings, emotions, ideas to transform in order to grow inside). But you are right, we haven’t got to the point of saying “how to do it” yet.

Indeed we have plenty of ready material to illustrate thoroughly the method of the process of transformation so-called “Initiation”. But for many reasons they haven’t been published yet.

Let’s say, then, that we haven’t started divulging the best part of our archives yet.

See, dear friend, it happens that for many western esotericists the “initiatory practice” is a game not to be taken too seriously. It is only a simulation that doesn’t bring either duties or responsibilities.

This is not true, though. It happens, instead, that only few of us try and be “educated” to “move” in the initiatory teaching that we don’t understand although we read it.

Therefore these people think it is wise to educate the reader to the fundamental meanings of the “mysteries” before opening to him the operating schemes of the “Secret Doctrine”.

Said that, it is clear our intention of divulging completely the formulas of the “ancient mysteries” through words that can be understood by the modern culture. This intention is quite obvious in the Esonet’s Manifesto, which you can find in our website.

If you read it you will realize how far away the “Esonet Project” starts from and what it tends to for the future.

I will resume in a few words what is necessary to do for any researcher who makes his way on the initiatory path.
1) find the instruments to build one’s work (see the article: Psyche, the first instrument of the Initiate).

2) learn to ac-knowledge in order to understand, that is to educate oneself in order to grow and change oneself through a progressive process of spiritual alchemy (see article).

3) the transformation is necessary, most of all, to strengthen the mind and expand the conscience, in order for the initiate to refuse the dark part of himself (the physical personality or material self) and on the other hand to acknowledge the enlightening part of himself (soul and spiritual conscience).

This is, in brief, what is necessary to understand before making one’s way towards the unknown destinations of the soul.

It is necessary to understand that the best “instrument” for ourselves is ourselves, with all that we contain and we still don’t know.

In the hope of having being useful to you

Fraternal regards
Esonet Editorial Staff

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