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How to find the world of the spiritual thought

Dear friend,
Enthusiasm is an appreciable gift, especially if it is accompanied by honesty in the intentions. Honesty is what really matters. Everything can be done through honesty. Nearly any mistake is acceptable if it is done honestly. What is not acceptable is the haughtiness of the false erudite, maybe. But it is not your case.
Don’t stop asking questions. Join together enthusiasm and patience and you will get wherever you want. Don’t rely on anyone, just count on your own strength.
Perhaps, like a cyclist, if someone passes you a bottle of water, take it with thanks, but don’t stop; keep pedaling up to the top of the hill.
Asking more and more refined questions is the best way to grow and open your mind to different views. Asking is a constructive exercise of childish intelligence, whilst talking just to show off only enlarges the small “self” that, instead, should be silenced to make room for the intuition of the Ego.

The spiritual inspiration is miles away from the rules of the physical mind. It is a utopia for any practical mind. So, try and develop the (impersonal) intellect which can perceive the subtle “voice of the soul”. The soul, in fact, is the only means between personality (the profane inside us) and spirituality (the divine inside us).
Those who believe that the soul can be perceived through the practical mind are blind and ignorant who can only waste their time in the sea of illusions.
Superficial factual knowledge is useless. What is useful is to understand through the development of the intuition, which is the first arch of the bridge. The ability to develop it and make it steady (knowledge through the contact with the superior Ego) is an interior art (Ars Regia or Bridge) to which you can be educated by people who already have this bridge or can teach how to build it.

Explore the world of words; learn how to open them, to penetrate them until you “touch” their interior meanings. You will discover that the world of meanings (esoteric level) is inside the world of words (exoteric level). Once you’ve found the inner meanings you will understand that you can access the world of abstract thought (initiatory level) going through it.
The world of the abstract thought is the threshold of the spiritual one and there aren’t any shortcuts.
Now stay with me on this one, this is the trial. The design is drawn; follow it without looking right or left, but only straight. Don’t stop on the borders of the path. Don’t sit down around the vanity bonfires, like those who have given up the interior journey. Remember what Ulysses did before hearing the “sirens’ songs” (illusions): he asked to be tied. So, when you get close to any possible cultural temptation, tie yourself to the chain of your will and don’t divert from the right path, which is a straight path.
The path is straight inside you (initiatory path) and not straight outside you (profane path). I’m sure you know what I mean.

Esonet Editorial Staff

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