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Acknowledging yourself as an instrument

Dear friend, I reply to you even though I don’t think I can be of much help.
In my opinion shamanism, like other mental instruments, is an emotional process led by suggestion that reflects (like some others) the characteristics of its observer or user.
It is not the only one and it is not better or worse than other means. It is a “psychic instrument” and it can be or not be recognized by the observer; he can choose this or another one to reach the fixed goals.
In conclusion, it is like a mirror which brightens and reflects the abilities of the observer and user. Therefore, if you like it because you think it fits your “being yourself” at this moment, it’s fine. Otherwise you would find suitable another means if you were able to understand the effects that it has on “thyself”.
The conclusion is, then, that effectively you are the instrument, not what reflects your latent abilities.

Inner dialogue
You ask me questions about the “inner dialogue” between you and yourself.
You can’t joke on this subject, because moving inside means causing psyche and conscience changes which are probably irreversible. Therefore the ability of interaction must be satisfactory of quality standards to avoid any kind of dilettantism.
I don’t think that you can even start the “inner visit” without a constant and direct relationship with the explorer (you, in this case). It allows you to follow him step by step, re-cognizing his “interior ghosts” and making him “master (king) of himself” (Royal Art)

Finding a guide
You ask me where to find a guide.
As before, I tell you that it can’t be just any guide, but he needs to be “your” guide. He must be able to respond to your inner note in the same way you will learn to correspond to the (mental) note that he will decide to re-sound in you.
That’s why it can’t be a casual choice, it never is. It happens through reciprocal acknowledgement.

Think about the reciprocal acknowledgement and then act as best as you can. You know how to find me if you need a hand.

Esonet Editorial Staff

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