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Initiates and handicap

I’d like to speak for the last time about handicap, that some past rules placed in a very “merciless” light. Masons’ and stone-cutters’ rules “of the trade” meant to protect professional (and not initiatory) values, or they just referred to the operative conceits of a professional initiation. Today we have to look at the question from the point of view of initiatory Ethics. So, being “a priori” opposed to the disabled could be nothing but a hideous, merciless, intolerant and above all isolating action, unless we say that yesterday’s “professionalism” is better than the sensibility reached (law of evolution and progress) by today’s conscience. If it’s like this, I’d be obliged to leave a stone-cutters association to look again for a Community of Initiates.

Esonet Editorial Staff

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