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Freemasonry and Nazism

Just a question: I saw on a wall in my town a Masonic symbol (compasses and square) beside a Nazi one (swastika), …

Freemasonry and Nazi-Fascism? When on earth…? We should learn how to be less optimistic, because human beings not always do consistent and sensible things. Rather, history behind and around us teaches how ruling are inconsistency and senselessness, even in their criminal aspect.
So what you report is really a little example of inconsistency and senselessness. History clearly shows us how Nazi-Fascism, Communism, South American dictatorships and any other “power” founded on “forced persuasion” fear any kind of freedom of thought and expression, even artistic. So there’s nothing surprising if “even these powers” have cruelly persecuted any “Freedom Training”.
Even if not all masons have always been up to it, Freemasonry has always been a “historic” Training of democracy, tolerance and freedom. French revolution, Italian Risorgimento and American Civil War really show us this.
Freemasonry has always fought for Man’s social and universal Rights, for mind’s Enlightenment and against any kind of superstitious or religious sovereignty.
It shouldn’t be forgotten that Liberté-Fraternité-Egalité has always been, and still is, its saying.
But we know that «idiots’ mum is always pregnant», so let’s try and learn how to tell the pseudointellective agnostic vomits of idiot sons’ masses from the sensible reasoning of good people. Our “historical memory” should help us to make the confrontation easy and identify which “front” someone belongs to, obscurantism or Enlightenment. It’s a too often “forgotten” memory. But since this “forgetting” suits certain powers, we should wonder who this confusion can suit and who can transform it into means of power and persuasion.
Knowing how to correctly answer ourselves is an act of liberalism and democracy.
Finally I’d like to remember that swastika is a very ancient symbol used by Brahmans and American Natives to mean the “Motion of the Sun”. It was drawn contrariwise to Nazi swastika, which was copied as mirrored. This “overturning” may well say about their ideas.

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