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Dear friend,

First of all I hope you’ll get this message. Secondly, I would like to thank you for underlining a relevant gap that we missed in the definitive writing of the text.

In actual fact the face of the ‘wise man’ is turned towards the right not because this shows, as you assumed, the masculine side.

The esoterical teaching (excuse my generic term) says that in the Path of the right hand, White, is the initiation meant to free humankind. Opposite the White Path is the left hand’s path, the Black Path, which is the domain of ephemeral passion (Maya) and of the pos-session (the sensual path).

They represent the choice in life. Each candidate gets to a point where he has to face a dilemma; he must choose (see the article on Freedom of choice and Free Will). He can keep obeying the impulses of the lower nature that wishes to possess and therefore to follow the principles of the sensual path; or he can follow ‘the inner voice’ of the conscience of the Ego that ‘pushes him’ to go back to himself walking along the inner path. On the latter he will be able to meet the first occult Master (the superior Ego) that will lead him towards the true Master (the soul) and towards the Light of the inner God (the Monad).

First of all, though, the candidate will have to tidy up (illuminate with the attention of his conscience) the contents of his own sub-conscious and ‘free the energy’ of its forms (images) of thought that are held in it (in psychology, the phantasmal enquiry).

Without accomplishing this first work of liberation (symbolized in the descent in the ‘infernal regions’ of one’s self) it is not conceivable to approach an attempt towards the super-conscious part of one’s self.

This explains the eternal failure of the devotional culture (?) that would like to ascend to the sky (which is only interior) by ‘punishing and mortifying’ if not ‘destroying’ the personality on the surface with all the sub-personalities that populate one’s sub-consciousness. The result will be images which are prisoner and victims of barbaric intentions through which each of us has relegated them in the total ‘censorship’ (psychic darkness). In actual fact, those thoughts (images) should be considered the victims of our abuses rather than tempting devils. They are forms of thought that we have created ourselves and used as toilet paper for our psychic excrements. Bernard Russell (father of analytical philosophy) has efficiently defined the collective unconsciousness as the cesspit of humankind.

Sub-consciousness (personal and collective) is the hell that we have built ourselves (both as individuals and as humankind) using our worst feelings that, for several reasons, we have shaped in the most undesirable forms. We have then hidden them in an impossible oblivion dissociating ourselves from ‘them’, in order to try and re-establish an impossible virginity of the conscience.

This trick won’t work, though.

Every image (passion or feeling) that we have sank in the hypocrisy of our censorship keeps living and generating new images. These images want to keep living, by the rule of the salmon. They will always come back to the surface where they were born. In order to go back to their source of life (the awaken conscience) they will join other similar thoughts (association of ideas) and create those emotional boosts (spurring-temptations) which lead us to act impulsively. We will not acknowledge these actions as ours and we will attribute them to goodness knows what demoniac entity.

We are actors and directors of all this, though. We need to take back under control this puppet show. We must give light and freedom to all these ‘actors’ (not guilty themselves) and use their vital energy for more profitable goals.

Esonet’s Editorial Staff

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