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The Apocalypse and the 4 Rivers of Eden

By Athos A. Altomonte

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Q: Some New Age theories have solved the problem of the ‘failed annunciation' [of the return of the Kingdom of God ] ,… and the next deadline is 2012. M.

A: Which will be followed by a further ‘deadline in 2022, then in 2030, 20647 and so on…

Perhaps the so-called ‘prophets' haven't really understood that the ‘kingdom of God' is in the heart, that the four rivers that enclose the earthly paradise are the vital flow of the four limbs of the human being (arms and legs) in the center of which (Eden) is the sleepy (lost) heart that is the seat of the conscious soul.

Therefore ‘by reaching the Eden ' (that is by activating all the spirilla of the corollas of the cardiac chakra) the end of the world will begin. The end of the world, though, doesn't have the catastrophic aspect that popular imagination and belief picture. The end of the world is produced by the change of ideas.

If the source of ideas was the cardiac intelligence (Will and Wisdom), and I underline cardiac intelligence , not devotion or cult, these ideas will end up by modifying the characters and attitudes of their ‘bearers'. The ‘ bearers of Light' act in order to change, for the better, the conditions that affect human attitude. By improving human behavior man's destiny would improve as a consequence, it would become harmonious to its universal nature.

This change will not happen, though, until everyone stays perched on himself, defending his own tiny individual barycenter . Therefore the White Brotherhood (not the yellow, red or even less the black Caps) acts on the high planes of the mind; no other phenomenal manifestation has the force to change a destiny.

In the human being's mind the destiny of humankind is created. In the human being's mind the conflict between Light and Darkness occurs. If we elevate the tension of the individual mind the Light (illumination) will prevail on the darkness (lust) of the animal nature. Like for a bulb, when the psychic tension is raised, the mind is able to ‘receive' more energy of the conscience and this determines the expansion of its faculties. After this, nothing will ever be the same. Everything will change because nothing will ever be thought or perceived as it used to be.

This is the end of the world and it is already happening, very slowly.

The signs of the great change are already amongst us. Even a slow change, though, causes conflicts because it separates the conscience of more and more people from the animal individuality (egocentric and introflexed ) to get closer to an ethereal perception of one's own altruistic, generous and extroflexed natural identity.

Faster people are obstructed by the slower ones that fight to assert ‘ old habits' that they call ‘ traditions '. Often these old habits and those traditions are only a ballast to be thrown out as soon as possible.

This has always been the conflict between the ‘advancing new' and the ‘old' that doesn't want to leave. This is another cyclic form (space-time wave) that like the backwash makes apparently conflicting two currents of the ‘same force', the force of life.

Confused by this ‘backwash' we struggle in the ambiguity of two opposite roles where, like ‘Centaurs' we are still half animals, half men. The animal represents ‘what we were' whilst our thought is ‘what we will be'.

For this and more the true initiatory and spiritual Work occurs all inside the Mind ( Manas ). Only the mind can become the Window of our superior Conscience .

As for the rest: chatterers don't cook rice!


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