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Many aspects and elements are starting to connect to each other, but it is still difficult to synthesize them...

Dear Stefano,

this is the second time that I have tried to reply to you but Tiscali rejects your address. Therefore I’ll do it through ML.

With regards to what you say, it is not the exterior elements that co-ordinate but it is your mind that, pushed by need and curiosity, tries and organizes itself to give you the answer YOU want.

Always through this exercise of ‘will-need’ your mind ‘will end up’ by getting used to synthesizing what it is looking at but it is not interested in seeing yet.

The physical mind is like a guide dog and in order to refine its abilities, that you will use to ‘move’ in the world of ideas, you must learn how to train it with intelligence. This mental process, for example, is the characteristic of a specific initiatory School.

Esonet’s Editorial Staff

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