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…«We can survive on the path of knowledge only by living like warriors: “Because the art of the warrior consists of balancing the terror of being a man with the wonder of being a man”».

I’ve hesitated for a long time before replying to you; I wasn’t sure if you meant the physical ill or the “inner” ill. On second thoughts, though, it couldn’t be but the second.

Dear friend, “pain and solitude” are the usual conditions of the warrior.

The man who is accepted in the School of the Disciples with the “Red Clothes” must observe the “silent” duty, learning to “wait” for the moment of action.

To practice for the Way of the Sword (1st ray) is hard. The selections of the Master are very strict but they are never as strict as those that the warrior, once on his own, expects from himself.

The Way of the Sword is not a euphemism but its meaning is literal.

You start by controlling body and mind “through breathing”. Then you learn to keep still in front of emotions, fear and pain. You must learn how to annul them, not to escape them, by facing pain and fear as often as possible.

As Assagioli said, this is the way where the Novice puts himself voluntarily in continuous crisis through voluntary actions that “strengthen” him and avert their threshold more and more.

Even though by strengthening the “resistance” the threshold of crisis moves forward we must continue chasing it in order to put a new crisis in place.. and so on.

This is the way of resistance to pain. We must know the pain so that it becomes the “Stone” on which we hone the sword to make it sharp and efficient for cutting.

Like the carrot is placed in front of the donkey to make it advance, to move one’s threshold of crisis further on, forces who is walking on the way of the sword to go up in order to reach it and overcome it again.

This method is not used to avoid discomfort; even less it is practiced to hide one’s weaknesses which, indeed, one wants to “find and face”. Therefore self-criticism is the first instrument of the Novice.

But what has the warrior to face? Others? Himself?

Also, but the true war is the one he starts with his own Guardian of the Threshold.

Only after “dueling” with the Guardian of the Threshold and making sure we can face him because we’ve withstood his assaults many times, only then we are ready for the real war.

The battle for which the Disciples with the Red Clothes practice is against the forces of the Great Black Lodge. They feel ready to start a battle even on their own, with only the help of the “flaming sword”.

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