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...Eastern peoples talk about various bodies: physical, double ethereal, astral, mental, and spiritual. The soul is not mentioned; is it perhaps identified with the astral body?

Dear Friend,
The words you mention are not of Eastern derivation but surely come from a theosophical sphere, therefore belonging to the western culture.

Eastern people acknowledge at least 12 intersected levels of manifestation (but they donít deny the possibility of space-universes in and outside ours) in the same time point and space point.

This contemporariness corresponds to the well known ďpoint known only to the Children of the WidowĒ of Masonic rituals. Scientifically we find their meaning in the principle of synchronicity and multi-dimensionality.

I wonít talk at length any more because Esonet has diffusely dealt with the subject from the most useful points of view. It is enough to browse through the titles available in the various sections of the Site.

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