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Transmut_of_metals: On Metallic transmutation / 7
FreemasonryThe Principle of identification and mental repolarization – The Mirror, one of Bacchus’ Toys – [The Bridge] – On the meaning of the Masonic Secret – The Secret in the sphere of the Initiate – The symbol of the Speculum in the Masonic Ceremonial – [Saturn ‘the Planet of Trials’]

The Mysteries are in actual fact the source of true ‘revelation’ and only when the mind and the will for good are intimately joined and affect the conscience, the extension of the future revelation is understood. Only then these secrets will be entrusted to the Humankind. They relate to the ability to put the Brothers in the position to consciously operate with the energies of the planet and of the Solar System (Diamagnetism) in order to control the forces inside the planet.

Documento senza titolo

On Metallic Transmutation /7

by Athos A. Altomonte

© copyright by Esonet.it - Esonet.com

The Journey as an inner itinerary towards initiatory transformation

And a Short analysis of the meaning of the Masonic Secret

Index: The Principle of identification and mental repolarization – The Mirror, one of Bacchus' Toys – [The Bridge] – On the meaning of the Masonic Secret – The Secret in the sphere of the Initiate – The symbol of the Speculum in the Masonic Ceremonial – [Saturn «the Planet of Trials»]

The principle of identification and mental repolarization

We will now quote four short passages extracted from a voluminous commentary of an Eminent Brother:

«The Mysteries are in actual fact the source of true "revelation" and only when the mind and the will for good are intimately joined and affect the conscience, the extension of the future revelation is understood. Only then these secrets will be entrusted to the Humankind. They relate to the ability to put the Brothers in the position to consciously operate with the energies of the planet and of the Solar System (Diamagnetism) in order to control the forces inside the planet […]

[…] on a swirl higher than the spiral of life, the ancient Signs will be recognized, those Signs that Freemasonry has scrupulously preserved and that, until their restoration, have been preserved in its rituals. These Ancient Mysteries, originally given to the Humankind by the Hierarchy of Priests, contain the Key of the evolutionary process; hidden in Numbers, in the Ritual, in Words, in Symbology; the secret of the origin of Man, his destiny and the long Path that (he) must walk in order to go back to Light. They are hidden in an image represented in Rites and Rituals […]

[…] the restoration of the Mysteries will put ordinary psychic powers in the right place and the latter will guide man towards their proper use. Color and Sound will be re-integrated to their rightful place […] they will make real a sense of nature of religion, of proposition of science and of the goal of education that is nowadays incomprehensible…»

After listing the principles of the topic, let's proceed towards a "speculative recognition" of its initiatory meanings.

The reflecting ether of hermeticists, the Anima Mundi of the mystics, the Alkahest of alchemists, the Akasha of Vedantists, are all part of an energetic sphere where the fundamental criterion is the polarization or depolarization of any principle that crosses them and is reflected into them, going down from the metaphysical energetic sphere (high frequencies) to the physical sphere (low frequencies) and vice versa; from the macrocosm to the microcosm and vice versa. When the wise Hermes stated that it was true, very true, that which is above is like that which is below, he forbore from publicly adding that all that was perceivable was so but in reverse.

With a surreal example, let's imagine that we are standing in the center of a room with a mirror on the ceiling. Let's imagine that we look at ourselves in the mirror above us. Surely we will see ourselves above as below, but in a completely reversed image compared to what we are used to see in the material world, so much so that the first time we will risk losing balance and falling. Esoterically this example tries to illustrate the meaning that what the initiate perceives "from above" must be codified first and re-codified afterwards in order for it to be understood from the physical mind (brain).

This is also the esoteric meaning of the Tarot of "the Hanged Man" that with himself, his own body, forms the T (The TAU, this is an important symbolic representation as well); furthermore, the Hanged Man is also the symbol of the Initiate that places himself upside down in order to know the Truth that is always opposite to the mundane and material vision.

The card of the Hanged Man is shown in the image on the left.

According to this principle, what the ordinary man considers inaccessible, metaphysical or spiritual, and that "above" (macrocosm) is great and important, below will appear small and insignificant or invisible. On the contrary, what above is considered small, ephemeral and illusory, "below" (microcosm) appears great and important. Furthermore "below" the left (evil) appears as right (good) and the right (spiritual gain) appears as left (spiritual loss); the beginning is reflected as the end and the end looks like the beginning. Can there be a better kept secret than that under everybody's eyes…but set with mirror-like parameters?

We know that the hermetic-Sacerdotal sacred texts must be interpreted through oppositions; have we ever heard of hermetic paradoxes? We know that sacred texts must be read in a different way from the literal interpretation used by the non-introduced, in order to find the meaning that was originally placed into them. Otherwise what do we think is the key to the cabbala? The arithmetical tombola of numbers that ingenuous Gentiles and pseudo-arithmeticians?

A rabbi told one of us, a Gentile who wanted to learn the Cabbala fraternally and without prejudice: «start eating and drinking like one of us, moving, thinking, talking, sleeping, making love like we do and with whom and when we do it; when your sweat will have the same smell as a Jew, then come back and you will be able to study the Cabbala with us». The affirmation of the principle of identification and mental repolarization is obvious in the simplicity of this allegory.

The Mirror, one of Bacchus' Toys

The Mirror as well, one of the Toys of Bacchus as a child, contains this teaching in its metaphor.

In the Mirror the spiritual Logos reflects the Light of Its Archetypal Ideas, but when they are observed from below, they appear very different from their real meaning, creating great interpretative illusions and great ideological errors of the material world.

In order to better visualize this principle, let's observe an old symbolical hermetic image.

These delusions are the principles of the ignorance that guides the World of Chaos; indeed, they are Chaos itself. The Mirror, in its lower (opposed) counterpart, is nothing but the symbol of the astral world, viz. instinct and emotion, irrationality (even when a war is technologically advanced, the principle that causes it is human irrationality), domain of the lower world of the Humankind.

The astral world is the domain of error. The lower mind of man is a reflector as well, but reversed. In order to receive the symbolic images through which the Triad expresses itself, it must be depolarized and repolarized. This is the purpose of the intuition that Initiates call the instinct of the Soul.

To bypass the mind means to abandon the physical and concrete reason and enter that kind of middle land which is pure perception, not passive but characterized by a dynamic acuteness (expanding more and more the attention threshold); there Intuition reigns. Intuition is the connecting bridge* with Intellect, Reason of the Soul or Pure Reason.


*The Bridge – Building the Bridge (Ars Pontificia) that joins the lower to the higher identity between Personality and Triad is an action well-known to the adept but it is not understood properly. Let's try and explain the main points in simple terms. Because of his culture, man is divided, so to speak, in watertight compartments. The goal of the Builder is to allow those "tanks" to communicate between them, through a series of (psychic) connections called Bridges, in order to reach, in the joining (hermeticists often use the word "alliance") among all the subsidiary elements of spirit-matter, what is called inner Illumination. For the building of the Bridge it is necessary to recognize the media. If we use terms that belong to Freemasonry, we can call "media" the pillars that support the plane structure of the bridge through the various arches. The first connection is certainly the most difficult because of the lack of self-conscience. It refers to the sublimation of instinct and lower emotions in reason and logic; the following stages will be more and more viable than this. According to the initiatory Teaching, reason and logic use the electromagnetic field of the brain, whilst the perceptive mind uses the whole magnetic field of the Aura, through the nervous antenna that is the spinal cord. This antenna is connected to all of the seven energetic ganglia and irradiation fields, called chakra.

Initially, for the mason initiate the first medium is the reason geometrized up to the point of being "logic"; the second medium is the intuition that develops perception and is radicalized in the Initiated Mason in inner consciousness. The latter is compatible with the energetic "language" of the Triad, because it can naturally translate (this is why intuition is called animic instinct by esotericists) symbol-images, which are the synthetic expression by which the Reason of the Triad expresses itself (here we can point out the analogy with a situation where the sudden and synthetic resolution to a problem fell from above, which made Archimedes shout: "Eureka! Found!"). This double understanding, called intelligence, suited to the bottom, Personality, but also to the top, Psyche, creates the field of knowledge called intellect; with the complete shading of the Triad on Personality, it becomes Pure Reason.

Therefore we can state that the completion of this Bridge is, for the obscure Personality, its illumination. This is also called synthetic sublimation of all the vital and energetic elements in man at the top of a unique point of conscience, the animic Mind. This concludes the operating arch of the Initiate symbolized by the Flaming Pentalpha of Masonic iconography.


The Speculum of the Initiate acts on the same principle; it reverses inner visualization and makes the mind able to understand its opposite, which in matter is metaphysical and spiritual. We have already indicated the Speculum of the Initiate in the animic conscience, but if we want to be more precise, this is the activation of the energetic ganglion called cardiac center, where the intelligence of the Triad is reflected.

The Sephirotic Tree is the plane representation (there is also a three-dimensional interpretation) of the occult physiology both of the Earthly Adam and of the Adamkadmon. These two are the physical and metaphysical Archetypes of the Human Being.

In this Teaching the awakening of the cardiac center, the Speculum of the Initiate, is represented by the joining of male (Sephirot Hod -Mercury) and female conscience (Sephirot Netzach -Venus) of the "earthly" man in the Sephirot Tiferet (the Reflector). Tiferet is the sphere (of conscience) that reflects the Light of the Spiritual Sun in the Earthly Adam. Tiferet reflects the presence of what is symbolically called the (first) Secret Master of the Initiate, the animic Triad. On its turn it reflects with symbolical terms, Horus-Hiram, Sephirot Keter, the monadic Triad.

Master Hiram, in the personal Work of the Mason Initiate, is similar to the Sephirot Keter .

As we have already said, lacking this first important connection, an Expert Brother will be the Mirror for the younger Brother. But this has already been discussed at length.

On the meaning of the Masonic Secret

If we wished to talk, for a moment, about the content of the Masonic Secret rather than how the secret itself is kept, we might cautiously and briefly mention its general and non-operative parts. We would have, then, two parts to consider; the first is addressed to the Great Work and the second interests the personal Work of the Initiate. They are both parts of what makes the "Royal Secret", therefore their understanding without the other complements will not expose the Initiatory Secret of the High Ranks so much. The second part, on the contrary, is the Masonic Secret in the whole but, we must stress, we will explain it only in a formal key rather than in its operative dynamics.

Nowadays for the most general and exoteric part of the so-called Masonic Secret there aren't the conditions or the need to be kept hidden, so much so that it is divulged to the lesser adepts as well. Therefore we will try and supply a general indication on some elements that make that part. First of all it consists of knowing what to do to reach certain goals and purposes that were and are still unknown to the Profane world, which means that they are inexistent for them and therefore invisible. These goals and purposes can be reached with a technique, a system or a method, but all perceived, experimented and passed on without any approximation by the Chorda Fratres of the Initiates, from a Brother to another.

«By recognizing you will be recognized» and «the mouth on the ear and the word on the breath» are traditionally the two pillars on which the "Initiatory Transmission" is based, to which we must add two essential personal elements: determination and intuition.

The Ritual Mysteries of the Initiates are mainly recognizable in the knowledge of the Cycles-Cadences-Rhythms of the "Great Book of Nature" of the Planetary Logos and Solar Logos, also called the Great Ceremonial (Planetary) and the Great Ritual (Solar). The importance of this knowledge originates from the fact that (keeping the use of symbolical terms) the inner Temple of the Initiate, the Planetary Temple (of which the Masonic Temple is the symbolic representation) and the Temple of the Great Architect of the Universe (whose first Chamber is for us our Solar system), are "open" by the same "key".

The understanding of the "key" that opens the individual Temple is followed by the understanding, by analogy, that allows to "open" the other two. It is only a matter of time and expansion of conscience because the three Temples can be superimposed in their meanings and there cannot be a true difficulty only from the factor of diversity in the dimensions of the Cycles.

The topics that we wish to mention are the following; the knowledge of:

• a solar cycle such as the present one, where a particular energetic Aspect of the Archetype ONE rules, where the others are subsidiaries;

• a planetary cycle, where we must consider the influence that it has on any particular human race;

• the cycles connected to the signs of the Zodiac, divided in cycles and connected to the whole zodiacal periplus of 25,000 years and then in the cycles connected to each of the twelve signs that enter into manifestation every 2,100 years;

• the cycles of activity determined by their numerical symbols;

• the lesser cycles of access and exit from the material creative manifestation;

• the cycles where some system aspects (energetic interactivity for the motion of the universe) prevail for a period of evolution on a race energetically similar (period when the profane people of that race believe that they are distinct and privileged above other peoples or even that they are the manifestation of God himself ).

At this point we can add, still in the symbolical terms loved by hermeticists, that the Humankind, as it is said in the Ancient Commentaries, is the "Great Treasurer" of God (this is the great Masonic Secret) because only in the Human Kingdom the three divine qualities are in full bloom at the same time:

• in man, God-Father hid the Secret of Life (occult symbolism of the XXXI degree);

• in man, God-Son hid the treasures of Wisdom and Love (occult symbolism of the XXXII degree);

• in man, God-Spirit instilled the Mysteries of Manifestation (occult symbolism of the XXXIII degree);

• only the Humankind will be able to reveal the nature of Divinity (occult symbolism of the XXXIII degree).

These are the three degrees of the Greater Mysteries, which are placed in the depth of the Symbols of White Freemasonry called of the High Degrees.

Finally we must add the knowledge of the Laws that guide the universe and the Principles that rule its manifestation; but for now it is enough to have an idea of the subject.

The Secret in the sphere of the Initiate

The Masonic Secret that closely interests the sphere of the Initiate can be synthetically indicated in the ability that it reaches to free energy from form, any form.

Having "deliberately" created all the requirements (of which Transmutation is the basis), it is not difficult for the Initiate to become able to free a certain number of energies from the forms that compress and imprison them. The energies through which it is possible to operate naturally can manifest in different ways and different nature; they are contained in many forms, even very different from each other, but it is fundamentally important to remember that their synthesis is one. Just to give a concrete example, we will indicate the energy contained in the Psyche.

The psychic energy that can be transferred in a geometrically perfect oral form is able to transmit itself without losing much of the identity of its natural level (in energetic quality, the Masonic Light). It will vibrate and resound through that vehicle, in that word, through that energetic quality that, through a direct bridge with the high part of Psyche (the Triad) will be intact. In other words this means that the mental quality of the Initiate dissolved all the filters of the various "mental basins" that transport the thought from the top to the outside, crossing the lower level of itself; these levels can be recognized in the terms of abstract mind, logical mind, reasonable mind and emotional mind. This commonly filters, interpreting them in its own "languages", the quality and the essence of the superior thought – pure synthetic image – from Psyche to the means that must then carry it to the outside, the word. This direct "precipitation" of a psychic action of a higher order to its vehicle or exterior means, manifests in the obscure World (conceptual) of Chaos the sonorous force that we already know as being attractive and destructive, called the Word of Power. But all the force and power that impresses laymen is nothing but the natural essence of the Triad, reachable and expressible by any man that really wants to.

Masonic Tradition shows the journey that we took as an example. Indeed, in Liberal Arts it clearly shows the beginning of this process in the study of semantics, rhetoric, dialectic and finally, oratory. The latter term, if understood in its esoteric interpretation, (see the oratory of St. Bernard of Clairvaux , which swept away any profane dialectics) is the literal cover under which the knowledge of this Power is hidden. Perhaps we can indicate it in more exciting terms; the vibrating power of the Sound emanated on the material plane, geometrized and made into a perfect form by the Thought of Psyche (Psyche, let's remember, is the third lower part of the "body" of the Triad therefore it is itself ).

The few "telling strokes" we have dedicated to the most general parts of the Masonic Secret already show how the knowledge of the energetic Motion of the first (Initiate), the second (the Planet) and the third Temple (the Solar System), supply the key to understand the Element that characterizes them all.

This Element has its own "Life" (the term is not the original one) linked to the motion of the Laws that express the macrocosm as well as the microcosm. To understand it, even relatively, means for the Initiate to "conform to its motion" with his projects and actions, which would enjoy (profit by) its favor (favorable energetic headway). An allegory aptly indicates this Element as the wind of the Initiate. Only now we find the true principle of initiatory modesty.

It is to operate in our own personal project/s, following (being led) the cycles-cadences-rhythms of that Intelligent Element; an Element that has been indicated in various terms, all synonyms: Triad and Soul in the first Temple, Anima Mundi in the second and Spiritus Mundi volatilis in the first chamber of the third Temple.

But all those three Elements, so exposed, appear different and separate from each ohter, whilst they are not and they cannot be as such, since it is the same element.

Therefore if we used only one term instead, the initiatory word, we would see that they are a "portion" of the same unique Element of the Archetype ONE called Eggregore.

The personal Eggregore (in multiplicity, these form the Eggregore of the Masonic Lodge); the Eggregore of the planetary Logos (this is the true and unique universal Eggregore of the Masonic Order) and finally the Eggregore of the solar Logos (Systemic Eggregore) and so on, beyond the ring that holds the little System which we belong to. The Synthetic Eggregore is the Archetype ONE that we have already discussed in this work.

What we have just said about the ( Real ) initiatory Secret doesn't clarify it; neither it can be used other than as a simple indicative element and we realize that. Indeed the goal we had is another. We want to demonstrate, even through few signs, that despite the due cautions and necessary individual calibrations (the need for method, mouth-ear, mainly exists because the quantity of information sufficient for a Brother might be too much or not enough for another person), the Secret is not unreachable, incommunicable or intransmissible ; those who say so are wrong, or, even worse, they don't know what they are talking about.

The symbol of the Speculum in the Masonic Ceremonial

In conclusion we want to remember how in every Masonic Ceremonial, in its correct exposition, the symbol of the Speculum is ritually present, and this is the Lodge Picture. This "reflects" in the Lodge all the initiatory meanings of that level of instruction and speculative activity. In the right ceremonial representation, placing the Lodge Picture is the last gesture of the Master of Ceremonies at the opening of the works (beating three times on it with his ceremonial Staff ). The Lodge Picture is placed on the Floor where the sephirot Tiferet is (the sphere that reflects the inner sun) and placed at the center of a Triangle of Three Lights (fires or ritual candles).

These Three Lights are the representation of the Three Principles that constitute the Archetype ONE, the cosmic Trinity. They are evoked by three Master Masons who, at the lighting, ritually invoke their Wisdom («might Wisdom enlighten our Works»), Strength («might Strength make them steady»), Beauty («might Beauty irradiate and accomplish them») and the Harmony of the Universe («for the Benefit of the Humankind and to the Glory of the Great Architect of the Universe»).

If the Ceremonial is carried out by three Initiates, with inner strength and ritual perfection, the Sound of the Temple (unperceivable for non-introduced, because it is the essence itself of the Eggregore) it will be fair and perfect and the "Pillar of Harmony" (the initiatory pillar of Silent Sound) will start "moving and accomplish its Work".

The Eggregore is in motion. The latter, as indicated by archaic Astronomy and for reasons that we don't want to deal with in this article, moves in the direction "opposite" to the World of Chaos, the material world with its thoughts and emotions. For this reason the motion of an Eggregore, once activated, is called the "Great Destroyer". Indeed, it tends to destroy by contact all that it finds on its way that is different from its essential note. For this reason it is closely related to the modus operandi of Saturn-Cronus, whose symbol is indeed "the Sickle". But Saturn is most of all the Planet-symbol that supervises the trials of the adept* and he must be brought to understand that the pain, the effort and tension that accompany these trials are a sign of his progress and advancement towards the top of the Pyramid that, in Freemasonry, symbolizes his Journey towards Initiation.


* Saturn the «Planet of Trials»


That generates


That generates




Jupiter, whose esoteric color is blue, card X of the Tarots, corresponding metal: tin, is the actual energetic "barycenter" of our solar system. Jupiter prevailed on the first system conditioned by the qualities and characteristics of Saturn, for this reason called "its Father", becoming the new qualities and characteristics where the planetary Logos of this system are "immersed". Saturn's esoteric color is green, it is the card XV of the Tarots and it corresponds to lead.

God-Jupiter, and before him God-Saturn, are both concentrated on Uranus-Father that supervises the emission of any force and energy but uncontrolled in form and power. Indeed, all natural phenomena manifested in natural form, powerful but not impetuous, not dominated and without intermediaries that can limit it, are called Uranian manifestations.

After Uranus-Father, Saturn and Jupiter are elements of the same energetic dualism; therefore they are complementary between them. But as logic suggest, we are already experiencing a "trend" towards the next "barycenter" that will be represented by Neptune, the Planet whose mysteries only Initiates are introduced to.

In the esoteric view Saturn supervises the "trials" of man through life, whilst Jupiter is the Eon or planetary Spirit, which supervises the content of the Initiation, viz. Ritual Magic.

Let's briefly talk about the characteristic that makes Saturn the Planet of "Trials" for the lesser initiate, as well as Cronus, "Father of the time that flies" (the Motion of the Wave of Life, the Intelligent Activity of the cosmic "Mind"). We can consider the inner Saturn as a "filter" that prevents the passage to the astral status by "rejecting" all the emotional emanations of man, the lesser initiate, which he doesn't recognize because they are lower than his "minimum" of conscience or, better still, than his characteristic energetic quality. Saturn represents the inner and personal God, Jehovah, and, as a sphere of physical conscience, it is placed in the Sephirot Binah.

«By recognizing you will be recognized», therefore we can recognize in Saturn the inner and personal God as well as the Judge (occult Catechism of the XXXI Scottish degree) and the true Guardian of the Threshold of the Temple (inner).

On the topic of "pain", I would like to add that this is the product of all, thought-action or word emanated by man, at a certain evolutionary level, that is "judged" (by the inner Saturn) inadequate and imperfect and as a consequence refused (rejected) in the mental and energetic sphere (aura) of the man who produced it, creating a "repercussion" in the inner bodies of man, so much so that it "marks" their characteristics (see Law of Cause-Effect).

As far as our particular Logos is concerned, though, which of course involves all the "lives" (the nephesh) that make it, it is "progressing" in the triangulation with Mars, where the top is Venus. Reducing in the minimum terms the exposition of the concept we can draw with certainty that Earth-Matter, Mars-Will and Venus-Mind, are developing a characteristic that interests the lesser initiate, viz. self-conscience. In other words "finding again" oneself in a spiral superior to the emotional and animal one. But of course this is a subject that, although only mentioned, deserves a deeper study.

Let's remember some of the hermetic elements connected to Saturn: color black, work in black, metal: lead, alchemic operation: putrefaction; solve et coagula. Alchemists, according to the theological view that recognizes seven days of creation in the biblical genesis (one day 4,320,000 years) and seven sacred Planets, recognized and coded seven metals that corresponded to them; keeping into consideration their occult characteristics, they re-composed the association with the quality of the sacred Planets of which they took the name, planetary (entities) spiritual (energetic) divinities called in the various traditions Archangels, Eons or Planetary Spirits. As we have already stated, the color black is associated to the planet Saturn and the latter to lead.

Therefore it will be necessary for us to penetrate deep inside the meanings of these three elements, hidden by Tradition, in order to have the appearance, in their superimposition, of the invisible element called by definition "occult", without forgetting that Saturn, being the element of a cosmic System, will have to be considered in its "true" entity of sonorous element (note) of a redundant harmonious space chord (the music of the spheres indicated by Pythagoras) in a precise frequency specified in archaic Astronomy contained in the diagram above.

Let's start the building of a series of "analogical Bridges" that will allow us to carry out the analytical superimposition, essential ability for any efficient researcher, which in modern terms is called cross checking.

In Hermetic Art lead corresponds to the dirty Body also called lesser Body; in other words the physical vehicle of Man where the presence of an invisible Body is recognized in order to contain his true essence, his soul.

Lead has been associated to sacred Lead, white Lead, black pencil and the raven's head.

  • The sacred Lead means antimony.

  • The white Lead or hermetic mercury symbolizes the matter filled with spiritual strength; furthermore the hermetic term of mercuranus indicates the center and circumference connected by the radius, being and not being connected by the becoming. The first Thought of the cosmos, the abyssal Thought anterior to the silence of God (the sephirot Daath).

  • The black Pencil means iron carbide.

  • The Raven's head (caput corvis) black color reaction, also putrefaction and complete death of a substance. Also black powder obtained from the joining of male and female seeds. Raven of Hermes means rebirth, final perfection or fixation of what is volatile whilst by Raven, in the hermetic Art we mean Salt. Raven is also one of the first stages of the Work accomplished on the principle of putrefaction.

  • Antimony corresponds to the First Matter or arsenicon , primordial cosmic substance.

  • Salt, element between Sulfur-spirit and Mercury-mind, that produces its "fixation", represents the physical body in man. After the calcination, salt represents the principle of crystallization, fixed part of the Being.

  • Bird of Hermes, philosophical mercury. Elementary quality of mineralization and metallic aspect.

  • Calcination – elimination from the mind of any water resource, result of the emotional – astral element also called animal emotion. Calcination is obtained by acting on the lower mental plane with heat (by attrite), whilst fixation is obtained with cold.

Index of the Work
(On Metallic Transmutation)

Part 1 – Introduction – [Ancient Tradition of Mysteries] – The three-fold essence of man – The being to transform and transmute – [Illustrious Brother – Human Law].

Part 2 – The symbol of the sword – From the reality of Principles to the mirage of opinions – Transformation and Transmutation – [Initiatory modesty] – Intellectual speculation – [Flaming pentalpha]

Part 3 – The Middle Chamber – [Osiris and Isis] – [Symbology of the number Seven] – From speculation to fulfillment – [Layman, Mason, Initiate] – The symbol-words AUM and OM – «He of whom nothing can be said» – [Coincidence of opposites]

Part 4 – The criteria of the Work of Transmutation – Recognition and disownment – [Spirit, Spiritual, Spirituality] – From identification to synthesis – [Sublimation and Synthesis] – [Vertical Telepathy] – The Power of the Snake – [Yoga]

Part 5 – «The Snake moves its tail» – The Inner Path – The dangers of meditation – The Art of Visualization – Two possible arguments of a non-introduced – [Sound and Color] – [The Symbol] – [The Suggestion]

Part 6 – The eye of the mind that visualizes – The use of virtual scenarios – The method of invocation-evocation – The Secret that veils the Work of the Initiate – [«Mouth-Ear»] – [Tyling] – [Copernicus] – The Masonic Secret – Diamagnetism of the mind – [The Power of Mind]

Part 7 – The Principle of identification and mental repolarization – The Mirror, one of Bacchus' Toys – [The Bridge] – On the meaning of the Masonic Secret – The Secret in the sphere of the Initiate – The symbol of the Speculum in the Masonic Ceremonial – [Saturn «the Planet of Trials»]

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