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Esonet.com – Selected Esotericism readings is a think tank qualified to analyze the movements of conscience linked to mysterial, mystic and devotional traditions...

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UniversalFreemasonry: How the occult name originates for every person
Topic:Question & Answer
Question & Answer

How the occult name originates for every person

Q: unfortunately I already guessed what I read in your message. But I was waiting for something to change in the highest degrees. Now, if a considered Master tells me actors know their part like children learn poems… I stay speechless!

A: I imagine that people consider a top to be real in every aspect. But it’s quite never like that, because careerists’ political “talent” is always the same, in every occasion. Ambition and social climbing are the most evident aspects of careerism that, at the same time, joins and opposes “men” belonging to politics, religion and corporations. And Freemasonry, in its exoteric aspect, is a corporation.

But beyond criticism (proper anyway, I think) there’s more to do. A single man, for instance, even in his singularity, should avoid doing that kind of mistakes usually silenced by the heads of masonic institutions, in order not to follow their example or pursue intellectual, ethical and philosophic models that are alternative to those belonging to little red tapes of the Palace.

This attitude could appear to be innovative, but it’s actually just a “coming back to how it should be”. By doing this, people give up the present conformism that levelled the meaning of Initiation and made it a formal representation with no real meanings.

These behaviours find their justification in the fact that, despite every strong request, man remains a very relative and fickle-minded entity, because emotionally unstable and fluctuating. The result is that as no believer can define himself as a representative of religious absolute, in the same way no mason can imagine to be a real Freemasonry representative. The truth is that every representative can only represent himself and those who gave him a delegation. Therefore, unless considering the possibility of a miracle (no sign of that until now) a representative is just the top of the base where he stands, but he can’t represent any principle going beyond the relativity of his own human abilities.

Thus, only ideal can represent itself, and pureness of the teaching that “reflects” it remains the only term of comparison joining the abstract looking of idea to the disciple’s physical mind. That’s no mediators can exist between Idea and man, but only capable guides.

That’s the right use of Freemasonry. It is like a lighthouse guiding the pilgrim in the fog of profanity towards his aim to “rediscover himself”. That’s how everyone can recognize Freemasonry for what it really is: a container of ancient symbolic teachings veiled by metaphors. And the inaccurate utilization of its “messages” doesn’t often come from teachings rightness, but from the blindness of bad apprentices.

But even bad apprentices can be useful to truth. It is sufficient to upset (mental diamagnetism principle) all profane aspects of their masonism to find again the right configuration of the initiatory ones.

This overturning shows the exoteric sense of Black and White hidden by the Temple floor “symmetries”. Black and white, light and shadow, are phenomenal aspects of the same Cause that is, however, neither Light nor Shadow.

Whoever wants to know the “primary cause” creating light and shadow, should go beyond “material” aspect and look forward to the metaphysical side, a side that even Freemasonry shows us and keeps close in the shadow of its metaphors. I’m talking about allegories that ordinary masons believe as true and, moreover, they’re not able to understand. Without penetrating into their meanings, symbolic representations and metaphors become just false appearances. This could explain the saying who feeds on appearance becomes appearance himself.

To penetrate shapes appearance and reach the idea inside them, it can be useful an exoteric inquiry. But before developing this approach we must take a choice, deciding to stay protected by the shade of evident and exoteric culture, or pass the border of “promiscuity”. But if we decide to stay “grabbed” to common inconsistency, we can only be recognized in that way and avoided from the most improved. This is not for regrettable pride, but for a simple operative need.

The need of privacy comes from the rule: by recognizing you’ll be recognized.

But, apart from every obvious interpretation, there’s “something esoteric” to add about this Rule

Everything a man recognizes and chooses (because he likes or needs it) will become a distinctive sign of him by exciting his mind or desire. A sign that will become the occult name of who has recognized and decided. Here’s how virtues, but even passions or vices, become the distinctive sign and the occult name of every individual.

It is to be said, if it comes to be not clear, that occult name is a metaphor of the meaning that everyone wants to give to his life.

Anyway, I think that going beyond the shadow line of conformism should be possible, and more, to be hoped and due for a serious beginner. And experience teaches us that when leaving the shadow line behind us, everything will be clearer and our path easier.

Esonet Editorial Staff

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Esonet.com – Selected Esotericism readings is a think tank qualified to analyze the movements of conscience linked to mysterial, mystic and devotional traditions...

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