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Esonet.com – Selected Esotericism readings is a think tank qualified to analyze the movements of conscience linked to mysterial, mystic and devotional traditions...

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UniversalFreemasonry: Esoteric use of words
Topic:Question & Answer
Question & Answer

Esoteric use of words

Much of what “appears” on Esonet is not by chance. For instance, stating carefully different kinds of words has its reason: telling any other language from one’s own. Languages can be hermetic, refined, even inaccurate, unreal or misleading. This roundup is placed in an only point (Esonet) and helps the smartest to admit that not all the differences we could imagine are really present in “transferred by words” meanings.
All differences come from the distinctions that spread from so many human natures.
A definite tradition corresponds to every nature, but human natures are quite never clean and definite. So from a great number of “hybrid” natures comes a great number of minor traditions, and now we need to re-unite them.

It’s time to begin our work of “demolition” of the walls that “separate” Applicant from Applicant. They could just give rise to clashing positions (I am this… you are that…) or, at best, to diversities that make them uninterested in each other.

“Separating” a specific tradition from another specific tradition and making minor traditions “uninterested” in the Unique Tradition (see in our Website the article: “Lost Consecration”) is Work of Counter-initiators.

The Unique Tradition is called like that because it re-unites in Itself Mystical and Sacerdotal to Sapiential and Mysteriosophic features, making this sum the “vehicle” of major Initiation.

Even in this ML many people have often “fought” to hold their “own way” to talk. This arguing (I’m saying this… you’re saying that…) is a sign of how one’s own way to talk can separate Applicants from one another, and all of them from initiatory Cult-ur-e (Cult of Ur).

A one and only Culture, a one and only Language: the so called “universal”.
As every evolutionary level has its own language, in the same way every School of thought makes use of one of its own.
So we have to choose whether to “belong” to our own language or to take the one that comes from a School addressing many people, in order to crate an initiatory Community or Hierarchy.
In other words, we have to choose whether to stay grabbed to ourselves and to our way to see and hear (see: egocentricity), or to “accept” to be shaped by a transpersonal and not separating language.
One of these days we’ll see what it actually means.

At the moment any controversy about languages is “still” much rhetorical. So to be clear about it, there’s one thing to define as necessary: going into details. Like for instance the instinctive and passionate use of words, compared with the use of Words as a Mean of Initiation and Service. This is not an example of common esoterism.
What tells who “goes on walking” from who “walks staying on the spot” is that the former carries out facts, while the latter just puts words together. So I’ll never forget a saying a Master once told me: talking doesn’t cook the rice: It became a mainstay of my progress.
The so many chats we get forced to listen to for service reasons are neither helpful nor necessary, and they don’t produce any fact (“self-changing”), either. So we don’t have to think that words haven’t their own correct use. I’d say they could even make their noble utilization, that isn’t “reducing to simplify”, but its complete opposite: “going deep to widen”, until they become an instrument of initiation and especially of service.
To carry out such a remark, Esonet will publish an original topic: the «Language of Rays» (see: Science of Rays), in which we’ll deal with an esoteric side of the use of words (language).
Our aim to “re-unite” will then let us go on with the topic «holy Language of Initiates», which isn’t made up of Letters (just their exoteric expression), but it’s composed by Numbers. They just “veil” any hidden meaning, making them comprehensible only by who is “initiated to re-cognize them”.
Numbers, like Symbols (their “geometric expression”) are the ancient vehicle of living Teaching.

Esonet Editorial Staff

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Esonet.com – Selected Esotericism readings is a think tank qualified to analyze the movements of conscience linked to mysterial, mystic and devotional traditions...

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