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Discovering oneself through symbols

by Athos A. Altomonte

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The difference between the esotericist and the collector of enigmatic quotations is that the latter can actually understand the use of this matter.

No matter if it's a methaphor, a symbol, an alchemical formula, a geometrical form, a number, a sound or a colour, the esotericist learns its meaning but also its use.

This gives value to esotericism, which is nor a folkloristic curiosity neither an element of imagination, but rather a method of research based on observation.

To practice the esoterical standards means to work on the living matter of Man. It means to be able to act on mind and conscience to refine its structure and ability. The interaction between man and symbol is discovered at the beginning of this process.

Esotericism is the right instrument in order to penetrate the occult aspect (hidden by the appearance) of every symbolic representation. In their meaning, invisible in appearance, the aspect of the Man represented by the symbol can be found. It can be physical, like a feeling, or metaphysical, like the seed of a spiritual idea.

Here the wise man has built the symbol that allows him to communicate the knowledge of fundamental aspects of human essence to the descendants.

If we look at them from this angle, any hermetic code put as a metaphor, symbol, alchemic formula, geometrical formula, number, sound or colour is the “vehicle” of an essential teaching.

It is a means (bridge) to re-cognize all that is unknown to us about ourselves.


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