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Arcane symbols The Pentalpha and the 5 Kingdoms of Nature

by Athos A. Altomonte
graphic by: Fabio Gasparri

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" ...all religions and sciences reconnect to a single Science, always hidden to the common multitude and transmitted from epoch to epoch, from Initiated to initiated, under the veil of tales and symbols. And this is also true for the legends that the Master Masons placed in the lesser catechisms." - Eliphas Levi


The addition of the ten sensitive sephiroth (universes) to the 22 paths generates the number 32, whose reduction (3+2) creates Number 5, expressed by the Pentalpha .

An arcane which veil the Five kingdoms of Nature contained in the human being.

The first kingdom from the Man is the mineral one contained in his skeleton; the second is the vegetable kingdom contained in his fluids; the third is the animal kingdom of the physical body and its organs; the fourth is the human kingdom given by his ability to be passionate about the physical reason; the fifth, finally, is the spiritual kingdom given by the transcendent thought of the subtle conscience which gives off the silent sound that vivifies the most external levels (physical levels).

When the vital energy of the subtle conscience (Fire element) pervades and irradiates upon the elements of the exterior conscience, then the initiated is said to become a Flaming Pentalpha.

If we add the sephiroth Da’ath to the ten visible sephiroth and the 22 paths (11+22) the number 33 is generated. It is a number of great esoteric relevance and the apex of many ritual expressions.

Its reduction (3+3) gives the Number 6, expressed by the Hexagram which appears to be a major Arcane.


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