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The symbolic universes

by Athos A. Altomonte
graphic by: Fabio Gasparri

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Psalms; psalm 81, 826: " You are gods, you are all children of the Most High..."

According to the sephirothic mysticism every universe of conscience is the extension of the first sephiroth, Kether, which pours out its own vital essence to the lower levels, until Malkuth is created, which is the "earthly exile" of the spiritual conscience. Nevertheless, the materialized conscience preserves part of the primitive sensitiveness. So much that gets the impulse to go back to the first emanation, Kether, and re-join its own main identity.

You can see in the diagram shown a fluid indication of the spheres 10 sensitive contained in the Sephirothic Tree. All the same, from an esoteric point of view the most interesting is the Da’ath, the 11 sephiroth, invisible in the physical features relative to the Mutation, which we’ll deal with separately, after having exhausted all the necessary preambles.

On the Sephirothic Tree is written:

‘Ehjeh ‘Asher ‘ Ehjeh
The Non-Principle, hidden God, about whom nothing can be said
From whom arise
Light and Sound generated and generating
the sephiroth Kether – The Crown
Number One
The "Will of Willing" is the first emanation of the unspeakable Absolute.
Kether is in Malkuth as Malkuth is in Kether, only in a different form.
Malkuth reflects Kether like everything that is at the top is reflected by what is at the bottom.
Symbolic Formula: "Command"


sephiroth Chokmah – The Discernment
Number Two
The second emanation of the unspeakable Absolute.
"Father and Generator" of the holy Triad, vital manlike power, energizing element of existence.
The enlightened Intellect, the starlit shelter, the first expression of Kether’s will.
The inner space, the spiritual side of human nature.
Symbolic Formula: "Will of building"


sephiroth Binah – the Understanding
Number Three
The third emanation of the unspeakable Absolute.
First Heh of the Tetragrammon. The "Great Mother" gives life to the "Great Sea" of creation.
Symbolic Formula: "Contain and Attract"


sephiroth Chesed – Grace or Majesty
Number Four
The fourth emanation of the unspeakable Absolute.
Positive masculine, but yet with the feminine quality of water.
The King crowned and seated on the throne, receives, preserves and organizes all that is ready to be taken in the manifest Being.
The freed by fate and rebirth.
Symbolic Formula: "Wisdom in Judgement"


sephiroth Geburah – the Strength
Number Five
The fifth emanation of the unspeakable Absolute.
Mars, the bold snake of energy.
Symbol and Instrument of the dynamic Will: the phase of the evolution in which the vindictive Yahweh
exercises his power on the Tribes in Israel, the time when no other consideration than his Will was known.
Symbolic Formula: "The Destroyer of Forms"


sephiroth Tiphereth – the Beauty
Number Six
The sixth emanation of the unspeakable Absolute
Beauty, harmony, balance. Mediator between Kether and Malkut, Tiphereth reflects the light of the first sephiroth.
It corresponds to the heart. The phase of mystical and sacrificial love.
The Christic principle
Phase of the evolution that, at the death (by metamorphosis, transmutation) of the material being (physical personality),
ascends to the Light of spiritual life; the Initiated becomes One with the inner God (see spiritual monad).
Symbolic Formula: "Balances and Unifies"


sephiroth Netzach – the Victory
Number Seven
The seventh emanation of the unspeakable Absolute.
Venus, the morning Star. The phase of the evolution where the (spiritual) Light, descending through the Sephiroth Tiphereth
conveys to Netzach, becoming a shining radiance of coloured rays. (see Rainbow Bridge).
Supporter of the vital strength under the level of the heart, Venus is not the passionate goddess of love but the true essence of the Spirit of Nature.
Symbolic Formula: "Shine Upon the Return Path"


sephiroth Hod – Glory
sephiroth Number Eight

The eighth emanation of the unspeakable Absolute.
Mercury, the messenger of the Gods. Sphere of the intellect. The phase of the evolution which gives shape to the astral activity of the previous phase (Netzach).
It directs mental energies towards precise goals and causes the body as a whole to move in the pole of positive-attractive desire.
Symbolic Formula: "Understand the Goal"


sephiroth Yesod – the Fundament
Number Nine
The ninth emanation of the unspeakable Absolute. Where magic, religion, fantasy and illusion intertwine in sexual, sensual, passional and emotional forms.
In this sphere of conscience the pole of the negative-repulsive desire clearly shows its influence.
Symbolic Formula: "Veil and Re-veil (reveal)"


sephiroth Malkuth – the Kingdom
Number Ten
The tenth emanation of the unspeakable Absolute.
In Mankind they are represented by the anus, the feet and all the body parts which are in close affinity with earth. Malkuth is the complete materialization of the spiritual Universe.
The Sephiroth in which any aspect or principle finds its material expression.
Symbolic Formula: "The Strength of the River Lethe"


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