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The Great "Books of Stone"

by Athos A. Altomonte

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"…in every Work of Art there are always 4 meanings,
the literary, the allegorical, the moral and the anagogical (Greek anà-ago: bring up)"

Dante Alighieri, Convivio, Tome II


"Research" is a concept that comprises many essential aspects. Some of these are particularly striking: competence, boldness and ability to analyse. We must not forget, though, that in the process of research a bit of luck is very important as well.

This is even more relevant in the esoteric research. And in good and evil, perception is often the compass of orientation. Amongst masons as well, then, intellectual acumen or the lack of it makes the difference between those who "know" Masonry and those who simply "enjoy" it.

The research for Masonic esoterism can start from different points. A lot depends upon the researcher’s attitude. He can be driven to myths, legends and metaphors which embellish the story of the Freemasons, or he can tend towards the interpretation of the hermetic symbology which is veiled and re-veiled (veil twice) in the architectonic features: every "sign" is taken apart and analyzed.

The choice of an architectonic "reading" means to study the products of the Master Masons. And this is, according to the experts, the most direct way to penetrate their "Mysteries".

Consequently the researcher learns to observe the architecture of Temples and Cathedrals as if they were "Books of Stone" which can be interpreted by different points of view, therefore it must be decided which of them need to be given more importance.

The devotional profile acknowledges the "Books of Stone" as the centre of its own religious passion; therefore it considers them places for glorification of the carnal cult inspired by feelings and emotions.

The vision of the master masons is overall mythical and recognises in the great "Books of Stone" the reason for appointing themselves as initiatory nobility.

Next to the several emotional profiles we must add the esoteric vision of the Work. This was the vision of the Architect Masons who marked the Cathedrals with a message which they exposed to everyone’s view, confident that only an initiated would be able to recognize it. All the others would see it without recognizing it.

Afterwards, the same message became the architectonic fundament of the Freemasons Lodges, so that every Lodge became a Temple raised to celebrate The Glory Of The Great Architect Of The Universe.


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