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The two faces of Masonry

by Athos A. Altomonte

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Masonry is the container of ancient instruments that express themselves through an exoteric form which is meant to hide the face of a deeply esoteric and initiatory teaching.
Masonry is an exoteric Order of Free Masons who hand down the symbolic mysteries of the ancient Ars Muratoria.
The Ars Muratoria is the stage of exoteric apprenticeship aimed to develop the solid reason of the adept. Some Free Masons who advance in the mastery of the Art can be instructed on the secrets of the Ars Regia.

The Ars Regia consists of the development of logic and intuitive mind through the expansion of the conscience.

Once the adept has been introduced to the minor mysteries he can be introduced to the meanings of initiatory Masonry. This is the threshold of the Ars Pontificia of the "Builders of Bridges" between sky and land. The Ars Pontificia joins the adept's spirit to his matter through the conscience, consecrating him and turning him into an Initiate. The Ars Pontificia leads to the real Initiation, re-joining the "sky to the land" of the Initiate with its theurgic action.

This ancient formula encloses the Real Secret of the White Masonry which continues from the ancient mysteries of the Mediterranean Schools.Initiatory Masonry is a Ceremonial Order which aims to the inner Initiation of its adepts through Education and Ritual.

The knowledge of Symbols, Colours, Words and hidden meanings of archaic Rituals gives the adept the ability to recognize the laws of the planetary Temple hidden in the Lodge.

This temple is inviolable because it is invisible to profane eyes. The entrance of the Brother in the now revealed inner Temple makes him "part" of the eternal conscience of the universal Brotherhood.

Only when you understand this you will be able to cry out: "I know immortality".

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