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Anamnesis of the inner reawakening

by Athos A. Altomonte

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Q: …I wonder if being an initiate represents the “sine qua non” condition...or isn’t it enough to have a pure and simple love for knowledge, beyond any material interest? V.

A: Dear Friend, I also believe that loving and striving for knowledge (philo-sophia) is the best introduction, but it is not enough. In the initiatory apprenticeship it is important to recognize the origin and source of the human condition, which is nothing but his conscience. It is fundamental to recognize that all that exists is a result of the mind and everything goes back to the being’s mind, influencing him.

Therefore learning is also an initiatory foundation.
Re-cognize is also a difficult game of reflections and distortions. It is not knowledge, which is the ultimate goal of the aspiring initiate, but the realization of a mental synthesis that is not a reflection of realities (light or truth) but that is part of it. This is the meaning of the allegorical formula used to address the reawakened. Reawakened to reality and no longer victim and accomplice of its imaginary face that one creates. Everything originates from the sensorial reflexes that affect the structure of the physical mind. Any kind of credulousness is also a reflection; they must be recognized in their form, separating intellectual, scientific and religious expressions without prejudice but also without complacency. What truly matters is the knowledge of human nature. The human being, how he influences his own and other existential spheres and how he is influenced by the latter. From the macroscopic to the microscopic ones how many and which are these spheres (universes), how do their inhabitants live; if there is interaction between them how do they interact? Isn’t it science that looks for these answers?

The speculum, then, is one of the core elements of the human condition. Mirror as a reflection of oneself, one’s own dreams and truths. Mirror as a light that enlightens but also blinds and obfuscates. Mirror as an image of something different that, at second glance, is similar to ourselves. This reflection is also mental lucidity; from this level we are able to advance to an ever renewed progress. Mental lucidity cannot exclude an adequate and advanced form of education that separates reality from the shadows that are reflected on earth. It’s just a matter of deciding which educational model is truly “liberating”, but once the decision is made, the chosen model (because it is the best among “many”) will have to be followed until the next “crossroad”. Indeed, because for those who advance there is always a “next” crossroad waiting and with it another choice to be made.

Choose and change, change and choose. For the initiate there is no stability; on the contrary, accepting new changes all the time, ready to adapt to the (intellectual) forms of more and more refined models is the sign of one’s own progress.

Conversely, the certainty that originates from stillness is a sign of mundane secularity. Every episode that is secondary to “flat tranquility” should be cause for worry in those who know that only crisis can break the inertia of materiality founded on habits. Life is motion and those who fight change are in actual fact opposing their own life. This is not possible, as we know. From this conflict, though, most of the “troubles” of the humankind come, with imbalance and distortions that don’t just fall “from who knows where and why”. The cause of pain, we know, is always ourselves and our “bad control”.

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