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Carry the Teaching to the crossroad!

by Esonet Staff

"How, then, O Lord, to spread Thy Teaching? How, then, O Lord, to find those for whom it is predestined to apply Thy Word for fulfillment?"

And the Lord said in reminder, "A hermit searched for one to whom to entrust the Revelation. And he took the scroll and placed it at the crossroad, 'Let the Supreme One Himself point out who should find His Teaching.'

"And a little girl came and wrapped her bread in the scroll of Scriptures. But the hermit prepared another scroll and again placed it at the crossroad.

"And a merchant passed and wrote over the scroll with his calculations of his profits. But the hermit did not tire, and once more placed another scroll there. And thus until the very end of his labors and his days.

"But when the Higher One asked the hermit how he had spread the Teaching, he answered, 'It is not given unto me to judge which bird will build the best nest out of these Teachings.'

"Truly, we never know who will use the scroll to torment, who will leave it for oblivion, and who will place it under his pillow in order to affirm it as his own foundation.

"I do not consider that thou hast acted wrongly in offering thy labor for the use of people unknown to thee."

Thus the Lord affirmed the spreading of the Teaching impersonally, without impatience, without irritation, and without expectation.

Thus, give you also to all - without prejudice, without judging.

Carry, O bird, the Teaching; and in thy flight deliver it into the hearth of those who live in expectation of receiving it.

Carry the Teaching to the crossroad!

from Agni Yoga


The image in the text represents the last work of Nicholas Roerich.
It is called "Command of the Master". The painting remained unfinished.
1947. Tempera on canvas, 84 x 153. - State Museum of Oriental Arts, Moscow, Russia.

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