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World of Noise – World of Silence

by Adriano Nardi

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Dedicated to Athos A. Altomonte’s work of instruction

Index: The Rule of Silence - Understanding the animal instinct - Lower and higher psychism - Visualization and meditation

The Rule of Silence

Nature moves in silence.

Our goal is to study and understand the non-sound, the non-language.

The agent that shapes Nature with meanings is silence.

Languages, as well as their degeneration, make the world of chaos. For this reason the first golden rule is the Rule of Silence. Indeed, through silence the (inwards) hearing intensifies.

I must learn to recognize myself.

Understanding the animal instinct

We must rediscover the animal instinct that exists in every individual; this means to by-pass the mind, because the body cannot become metaphysical.

Therefore we must decide if we accept silence as a “vehicle” or if we want to use it to “go down” on an exploration. “Down” is not sub-consciousness, the sphere of our coarse sediments. It means to listen to ourselves and learn that in the silence there is actual sound, remaining steady in our point of perception.

They are emotions. Emotions move and have a sound. They manifest themselves in the form of pressure. Energy itself has a sound. How can we lend an ear to these sounds, to this pressure that comes up from the bottom? Through meditation. In the west they are called Psycho-dynamics.

Lower and higher psychism

What matters to us is to connect with the animal (see man-animal) that is within us. If I can build an emotional bridge between me and myself (body of emotions) it does not mean that I give in to astralness; I am exploring and studying it. If I connect with my animal part (emotional sphere) it has (although in a more regal manner) the same emotionality as any being belonging to the animal kingdom. By developing this sensitivity I become perceptive not only of myself, but of animals as well.

This is a form of lower psychism. Psychism is learnt only through psychism, not through concrete science. Higher psychism, our true goal, is learnt only through the principles that rule the lower psychism. Radiating perception, magnetism is animal psychism. If I understand lower psychism I can understand an angel; if I understand a donkey I can understand an angel.

Emotion, despite being a lower expression (compared to the world of thought) is a natural expression.

If we want to refine the art of perception we can go further down. By going further we find that we have a life connected to liquid matter; being able to perceive the motion of liquid matter (that responds to one’s own elementary intelligence) we get in contact with the deepest psychism, vegetable psychism. We can reach a static, almost immobile psychism, which is not in actual fact so, but it irradiates light, mineral psychism.

As a human society we live under the law of Attraction-Rejection, from which the law of the herd comes from. By learning the animal language, we can recognize the language of the body (physiognomics). The attributes we give our body – either instinctively or rationally – are positions that hide psychological attitudes. Those positions were used by wizards in traditional sorcery for the positions of power. Through the physical behavior I influence the psychic behavior and vice versa. Psyche- Body, Body – Psyche.

Visualization and meditation

Through the techniques of visualization I can produce a form of thought whose characteristics I will create, whilst its hues and qualities will be the magnetic activity of the form itself. Therefore I can meditate on a form of thought with characteristics created by me, but that responds to its own qualities. The study in this direction is the first step to create the contact with one’s own causal body (the plane of causes) and the anima mundi, the Akashic plane, through mental unity (called the reflector).

«I reflect» has an occult meaning. It means that the adept, up until he realizes the bridge, orientates the ‘mirror’ of mental unity connecting his causal body with his abstract mind, with the conscience of his own physical brain; then he sees. At this stage, in the passage from the mirror to the bridge we find the meaning of the 32nd degree (of the A. A. S. R.), knowledge by contact. This is the meaning of the expression ‘to look at Christ in the eyes’, the Light, the Truth, the Soul, the Triad.

The secret is not in the position of the body, because in that practice we go towards the abandonment of the consciousness of the body.

In conclusion, in this short essay we talked about the technique of visualization as a question, as creative energy that emanates (invocation-evocation).

The reception of the true answer occurs through the ever passive parable (in the sense of form that welcomes) that is feminine perception. This is the meaning of becoming androgynous, viz. emphasizing both masculine and feminine aspects.

In the perfect psychic male-female is the perfect initiate.

Visualization and meditation is the school of Agni Yoga.

How can we westerners create a vacuum in the mind? Through a process called concentration. By concentrating all the energy on one point, or on a precise form, a triangle or a circle, although initially on a point, all the rest disappears, all the rest is empty and becomes perception. Dynamic perception.

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