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The path that leads to the initiatory Mastery

by Athos A. Altomonte

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The path that leads to the initiatory Mastery is a path of wisdom. And, as we know, wisdom originates from “knowledge”. Together with other high profile elements, knowledge and wisdom contribute to make the whole called initiatory science. It eases the access to the One Initiation, through an “educational and growth” journey where we find the stages of Discipleship, which evolves and progresses through a series of so called lesser initiations.

Therefore, in order to approach a Master it is not enough to “celebrate” his image through one’s own loving cult, but it is necessary to switch one’s intelligence on.

«By recognizing you will be recognized», states the Rule. And «find the Disciple and you will find the Master».

Sooner or later everybody must discover the “occult” meaning of these statements.

First, though, the researcher must learn to stretch his attention beyond himself, beyond his own ideas and opinions and to turn towards a kind of scientific knowledge closer and closer to science and conscience knowledge.

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