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Eminent scholars...between deduced experience and real knowledge

by Athos A. Altomonte

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Q: … I wonder how come the eminent scholars of the matter don’t intervene. Perhaps because they need an audience and if that’s not there they prefer to keep quiet?

Once I was told that you need to give before receiving...

What would prevent the creation of a list where we are called by invitation? What do you think?

A: Dear Friend, I will gladly tell you what I think on the matter, although you won’t like it. After all, the popular saying goes “spare the rod and spoil the child”.

1. I don’t know of any eminent scholars who are close to the camping areas of the so-called hermeticists, alchemists, templists, rosicrucians and whatever else might attract popular imagination. Either that or I am unable to recognize their alleged qualities.

My statement is supported by the fact that the distinction between “discursive dialectics” and “factual knowledge” is totally clear to me; the difference between deduced experience and real knowledge. Not to mention the not so eminent use and abuse of the “mocking” used to cannibalize the usually few “genuine” thoughts, obsessively renewing our personal suppositions.

Sometimes expert guides have better things to do than wishing to “entertain” an audience that far too often is insolent. I have already written that the creative man doesn’t see the audience as an entity, but only as a reflection of his own actions. If the audience is also intellectually contorted and its thoughts are tangled up or even antagonists of the art of knowledge, I don’t see how and why one should miss it.

Then, perhaps, there are other reasons for the silence, perhaps more intelligent reasons than a simple desire to “appear on stage”. And a stage that is not always gratifying.

2. To give, you say, but what? What can be given by a Brother who sets up in search of Himself...and of incommunicable knowledge, if we are told that «chatter won’t cook the rice!»

Perhaps the researcher might give attention, appreciation and respect to the perennial Teaching of the initiatory Tradition. And that is not the case, as far as I know.

What I know, on the contrary, is that a lot of “esotericists” are so busy entertaining themselves with “the sound of their own voice” that they don’t bother learning to recognize the truth, the beauty and the fairness of the initiatory journey, addressed to individual and collective progress (the Common Good). This progress (civilizations) cannot be determined only by technology but it should be assigned to the intelligence, conscience and sensitivity of the being. No electronic chip can give us these aspects. Therefore, if we want to give, what is better than our will to improve ourselves?

But I don’t see any “will for good” in the “strange characters” that you mention in your letter. They appear to me as shadows of a conscience still veiled by the intrusive presence of an “egocentric” and arrogant “self”. They are more like talking appendixes of a machine than sentient beings.

So, what to say or give to someone who has no cognition of the concept: “better yourself!” Sometimes the nothing is better; it doesn’t offend who knows and who doesn’t.

And if it’s not always like this, we must thank the Sophia, Mother of every occult Philosopher.

«God is dead», Nietzsche wrote. The “Sacred” has been killed by the blindness of human pride.

A spurt of heartlessness bit your conscience and so you woke up to a millenary reality. But this reawakening is quite welcome. Because we don’t live only on ambitions, thirst for beauty, thirst for justice. The rough implications of reality must be recognized and experienced in our conscience. And now that you have suffered its irritant contact, if you want to give something “to others”, you must equip yourself to prevent that contact from occurring again and hurt someone.

You can forge more efficient instruments for yourself, drawing them from eternal wisdom, which, as you know, is a “quiet tool”.

The inner silence resounds with meanings but it is disregarded by most people. This is the reason why the silent way of wisdom cannot be heard by those with a “loud heart”.

3. The silence of the present time, at least the one you are complaining about, is due to a “generating” stage where Esonet is incubating its new form (written in February 2002, Note of the Author). And whilst waiting for the transformation from chrysalis to butterfly, why increase a “form” in progress?

Don’t be misled by what looks like inactivity. In actual fact it is the fervor of the metamorphosis which, if it is well guided, will soon give its results. And I am positive that in the “new building”, if we really manage to renew its foundations, at least the main issues will be resolved.

Otherwise what is the purpose of gathering experiences other than to use them valuably for change and improvement? Believe me, to cling to “old forms”, especially personal ones, is a sign of little intelligence and perhaps a dash of cowardice. Looking forward to better events.


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