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The first occult master

by Athos A. Altomonte

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Q: To Look around at 360 degrees allows us to grow and at the same time to get closer and closer to that Light that shines into us, sometimes dimmed...

A: Perhaps it is dimmed because by turning 360 degrees we go back to the starting point.

Sometimes we fail because of little details. Perhaps it is wiser to “open” the mind little by little, let’s say by 5 degrees, just to give a proportion, rather than aiming at great spaces where we end up losing the orientation and walk on the same spot.

Sure, for those who look for the light of the soul perhaps it is better to chose to “offer” their mind unconditionally with all that is inside it. It would be an action of responsible humbleness to wait to be “called”. In the meantime, building the necessary conditions to “attract” the attention of the soul on our little obscure self.

This action of intelligent humbleness, always appreciated by the Masters, is not appreciated by the personalities of the postulants; indeed it means to abandon the requirements on which the lower self is based in order to carry out thoroughly the instructions given by a teaching that must be obeyed. But to obey is not in the nature of the lower self. And its “imaginations” usually end up by separating the traveller from the main purpose of its journey, that is to recall the attention of the superior Self. Because this is the first occult Master of the Disciple.


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