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Imago Templi /6.14

by Athos A. Altomonte

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The Number Four - from Sign of profanity to Sign of mastery

With this we start the series of numbers that originate from the essence and characteristics of the four already discussed.

Assuming that the mason is already informed on the meanings highlighted by the "arithmetical" breakdown of the composite numbers, we will obey the Minimal Rules of esoteric interpretation, because it is the only possible way to reach the meanings of the initiatory interpretation of Sacred Mathematics.

Letís concentrate the meanings of the lower sphere of the Four in the Square of the Four Elements, in the Square of the Mosaic Law (the Masonic Morale, 1st level) which we have already dealt with.

Therefore letís skip the best known references of the Square (see also the Square Temple) and move on to elaborate the Four placed in the degree of "Master", the Rhombus.

Letís try and understand why in the initiatory language the Square represents the development only in the first level. Whilst the Rhombus (which appears on the floor represented in the Lodge Picture in 3rd degree) represents the development of the 3rd level in the scale of Masonic perfection.

The Square develops in every direction but only on the horizontal plane;

The Rhombus develops in every direction but on the vertical axis.

Below its use in the Sephirotic Tree which we will see shortly.

In the geometries of the Sephirotic Tree, hidden in the Floor of the Masonic Temple, we can see the "vertical" presence of a series of Rhombuses; at the top and bottom of the image the dotted line shows its infinite progression towards the higher and lower spheres of the microcosm man.

In the specific paragraph about this topic there will be another illustration called "the infinite finites", which will explain what we want to state. Indeed, through the vertical development of the Rhombus it is possible to conceive the manifestation of the forms in all the Universes that are, in turn, conceived and illustrated traditionally by the Symbol of the "Sphere".

Seal of the Apprentice

Seal of the Master

The Square symbol of the matter, unconnected from the Rhombus sign of mastery, like any Mason knows, is the Symbol of Chaos; we will find this symbol again when dealing with the Number Eight.

In this Seal, called Fleur-de-lis, we can find the symbolic expression of what we have just stated.

The descending triangle, Fire Element, interacting with the bottom part of the dualism of manifestation, good-evil, white-black, male-female, etc... elevates the square, of the four elements that make the Form, above itself in the shape of a rhombus.

Another sign of dualism in the Number Four is found in the simultaneous presentation of the material horizon and the metaphysical vertical axis, in the initiatory perfection of the:

Greek Cross

This perfect balance between the vertical axis of metaphysical and the material horizon was modified the first time to show in devotional aspiration the ascent to the sky of material physicalness in the dogma of resurrection.

Latin Cross

This ancient Symbol, as well, present since forever in the initiatory memory of man, has been taken and used upside down in its opposite meaning by the Black School of counter-initiation, to express their constant battle within the Human Family for the conservation of the prevalence of the Matter and its profane goals on the Spirit.

It is the Symbol of Those who fight the Evolution of the Humankind in order for materiality to prevail on the human conscience in opposition to the illuminated and spiritual conscience of the Initiate. It is the obtuseness and animal ignorance, although expressed craftily, of minds disoriented by the loss of conscience of oneís own true Self, expressed in the Triad by the Monad.

This, together with the upturned Pentalpha and the Mobile Cross rotating anticlockwise (the Swastika, Sign of the Sun) is one of the Symbols of Satan. This is nothing but the synthesis of the ancient and present Thought-Form (the Eggregore of Evil) produced and vitalized through eras, by the low desires, selfishness and ignorance of the animal-man.

Satan, however, must not be confused with Lucifer, as it often happens.

Just like we must not confuse, amongst men, determined wickedness with the obtuseness "of he who lost the faculty of inner Sight".

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