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Imago Templi /6.11

by Athos A. Altomonte

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The Number One, the creator

The Number One represents for the Initiates the prime manifestation of the Will of the Immanifest as it appears in the neutral (super-mundane) space circumscribed by the circumference of the metaphysical Zero, which holds and qualifies a part of space of the ultimate container symbolically called "the Cloth of the Immanifest".

This prime manifestation must be considered of "male" gender (dynamic aspect).

Before it appears in the neutral space it is called a radiant Point, which contains the Archetype of all the Forms of manifestation (the Archetype of the Project of the Great Work which Freemasonry refers to).

The Symbol represents an explosion of cold Light (energy).

Quality of the Fire: atomic.

When it appears, seen from the position of an earthly conceptualization of the manifestation, it is called a Veiled Light, because for that Energy even the "neutral" and "super-sensitive" space is often coarse; at this point the Cosmic darkness is born for It.

The Symbol is an explosion of hot Light (energy).

The Electric Fire.

Characterizing its manifestation in the energetic interaction with the ring (the Two of the 2nd Aspect) "that holds" the space of the metaphysical Zero, the One consolidates in the Form of a fixed Point, held within the center of a circumference.

The Symbol is a radiant Point veiled by Form.

The Solar Fire.

The presence of the One on the three greater planes of existence of Spirit, Thought and Form, is represented in this Symbol:

Fire by Friction (between energy and the form that holds it).

The Number One or the Point are the representation of the Creative and primordial Note of the Universe (the three-fold Sound).

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