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Transference of the Symbol

by Athos A. Altomonte

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Q: I would like to ask a question on the ‘symbol’, on the hermetic force that derives from it...the observer that faces a symbol must be able at least to be in tune with it; this is the only way to perceive its force and be positively influenced by it.

A: I don’t think that the symbol gives out a particular force. On the contrary, I think that the ‘positive force’ that is perceived is one’s own, the observer’s.
It is an emanation of energy (adrenalin), ‘evoked’ by the surprise of having grasped its hidden meanings (from its form). In other words it’s like a little illumination. This little illumination, supposing it is truthful and not the result of imagination, originates from a beautiful form of ‘intellective transference’ that seems to be established between the author of the sign and the meanings that the observer is able to recognize in it.

In this case the force that we feel is that of our ‘recognition’ that becomes force of knowledge.
In my opinion, though, the most interesting part remains the transference. Viz. of the mental synchrony of the observer, who establishes a symbiosis not so much with the symbol, but rather with the mental schemes of a Brother that is no more.

This synchrony shows that the idea can survive as long as someone picks it up and recognizes its original meanings. Therefore the idea survives and it is certainly the immortal part of one’s own physical counterpart.

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