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The Great Work and the New Era

by Athos A. Altomonte

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For a long time I remained in ‘quiet observation’ (the author refers to the exchange of comments that took place on a mailing list dedicated to the study of topics according to an esoteric reading – Note of the Editor) before entering the discussion of the topic summed up in the title of this comment. The reason for this is a certain superficial bias that belongs to consumable esoterism. And then, despite my hesitation, I set about to give a first indication.

I’ll start by saying that the New Era, or Age of Aquarius, is not only the result of an astral conjunction, as many believe, but it is the accomplishment of a new and higher general state of conscience (collective consciousness). This state of conscience is reached and reachable also through the Initiates that do everything within their power to keep and spread the ‘Light’ of initiatory science, in the darkness of profanity (carnal knowledge). And here we find the correlation with the principles that motivate the Great Work and the White Work.
I think that, faced with different states of conscience and different cultural representations, it became necessary to elaborate different points of view and ‘languages’ (esotericism, hermeticism, etc.) in order for the ‘same notions’ to be understood by different cultures and attitudes.

An example of this work, which from the particular pulls the mind of the researcher towards a general and cosmic view of the initiatory assumption, is the Treatise on the Seven Rays by Alice Bailey. It is focused on the topics of the New Era (Age of Aquarius), highlighting the most interesting ones, such as education, effective accomplishment of (real) Initiations, service to the Humankind, esoteric psychology, esoteric probationship, exteriorization of the initiatory Hierarchy, white Freemasonry, universal and non sectarian Religion.
In other words it is the so called New Era, which has nothing to share with the trading intention of devotional fashions, of the many ‘new-age movements’ that are the underworld of the most commercial exotericism.

Of course the journey proposed might not be to everyone’s taste and its points of view might not be shared by many. But what remains is an undeniable memorable version on the topic of real initiation.

In order to face such a complex journey that puts at its top the treaty titled Cosmic Fire, it is necessary to have a truly impartial intellectual sensitivity, which is probably not shared by many readers.

This article originates from the brotherly solidarity due to all those that dare in trying to find answers outside the usual commonplaces and, most of all, out of the even more common ‘links’ of knowledge by report.

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