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Imago Templi /6.3

by Athos A. Altomonte

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Index: The birth of encoded language in the western sphere. Two important examples: the Runic Alphabet - The Greek Alphabet - A particular warning to the Lesser Adept - Of Metallic Transmutation, Three Dreams

Let’s take into consideration, then, with a few telling strokes, the story of those closer to us.

The birth of encoded language in the western sphere.
Two important examples – the Runic Alphabet

Druids, between myth and reality, are the western initiatory people that most contributed to the transmission of the Sacerdotal Mysteries connected to the Natural Magic and to the visible formation of what will be later called by the Initiates that followed: the Great Book of Nature.

The Priests of the Celtic people were given credit for two events which were actually able to sensibly change the course of history for the Arian people. The final defeat and subjugation of the Black culture in the East, which was then absorbed and gave life to the Indo-European people and culture in the present India.

The decline of the Indo-European people and the return to the practices of sexual Magic (the use of lower Centers, sacral, genital and solar plexus) characterized by the black race, caused the detachment from its hierarchic tops of the initiatory stock that enclosed itself in ‘initiatory circles’ (the Ashrams).

This originated what all esotericists agree in calling the scourge of the abuse of the gift of procreation, which, by becoming simple abuse and sexual frenzy, conditioned the human society with the first psychological defects and sex related diseases.

The appearance of Druidesses no longer devoted to the cult of the Cosmic Tree of the Celts, but to the cult of the Snake, the Python of the genital Center of reproduction (the Kundalini), finally formalized the cult of blood of human sacrifices as a means of transmission of power and evocation of invisible entities.

These topics, which should already be familiar to us, can be completed with a little note of historic interest.

The permanence of the memory of those facts in the mind of the Initiates appears quite clear in the symbolic tale of the Genesis written by Moses, Priest of the Temple of Osiris.

Eve progenitress of the female being who appears in search of her own initiation, accepted to appeal to the most obvious ephemeral of the matter (Earth Element) and to the power of physicality (the Water Element). The Tree and the Snake from which she accepted the impossible fruit of knowledge and immortality of the divine power and Adam, who describes a dominated character and an accomplice, are the allegorical elements of the much wider history of the people of man who, excluded from that divine guide, prerogative of the Sacerdotal Caste (the Pontifex) ‘fell’ in the solitary and painful abandonment of the fourth Caste (the untouchables). These are all elements of a dramatic imagination (psycho-drama) that means to transmit the memory and the teaching to be drawn from that event.

It has been often said that we must give the right interpretation to all those facts passed on in a symbolic language. To those who wish to direct their attention to those facts, I can suggest a first book, very simple to read, before venturing in a deep plan of research. It is ‘The Great Initiates’ by Schurè. The path that will follow will be determined by the choices that the intellectual ability and the language of each of us will be able to express.

It is common knowledge that the Druid Priests had two main references in their Cult. The Sun and the Cosmic Tree, the oak from which they picked the well-wishing mistletoe (the spiritual sperm of the 2nd Kingdom of Nature grown in the force of the Sun, the vegetable Kingdom).

The cult of the Tree or trees and the spiritual life that lived in them and among them, be it oak or ash tree, suggested them the Form from which to draw their (of the Sacerdotal Caste) first phonetic Code.

The Greek Alphabet

On the subject, I would like to quote the words of a modern researcher and eminent scholar, the historian Francois Xavier Chabosche: in all hermetic arts, geometric forms constitute a privileged language. Each geometric structure is the result of a specific vibration. This experience can be had very easily, following the example of the physicists Chladni and Savart, causing the vibration of a flat surface on which are grains of sand; the grains gather following nodal lines, along which vibrations are distributed, forming geometrical figures. On the contrary, in each existing form there is a motion in power.

Geometry, the science of forms, literally means ‘science of the earth’. Indeed, forms are the outlet of great cosmic rhythms on the concrete plane of earthly matter. Likewise, for example, writing is the materialization of sound (of Psyche, Note of the Author).

We can say that any alphabet symbolizes the sound stiffened in the form. This does not appear obvious at first sight in modern alphabets, but it was supposed to be so ‘according to precise laws’ for the sacred alphabet at the beginning (see the study by C. Suarès on the Hebrew alphabet).

Let’s consider, for example, the Greek alphabet. We know that Greek vowels were considered as sacred sounds par excellence. The writing of these vowels in their lower case form has fragments of a helicoid or spiral curve where some parts have been cut off, with several angles.

These forms are relatively modern, but they enclose a mystery that has not been revealed yet. When we learn that "Verb" is another name for Christ, we understand better this statement: I am the Alpha and the Omega.

A particular warning to the Lesser Adept

If I could give a warning and an advice to those among us who might read and try to use, without studying their principles, the initiatory languages expressed in several forms, such as alchemic, philosophical, hermetic and sacerdotal, which all lead to the sound and the power of Words with the same eyes and the same attitude that we used for the profane world, reading and interpreting the effects of Chaos; or to those who unwisely entrust their initiatory growth to "cultural nourishment" conditioned by bad interpretations of exoteric minds, not suitably instructed to recognize the "occult sense" of the truths hidden in symbols and esoteric allegories of the Masonic Institution (and not only that); to all of us who might incur or perhaps have already incurred in that deceit or illusion, I invite to think a few moments about the image taken from the Treaty of Metallic Transmutation by Nazari G. Battista from Brescia, published in 1599.

In the first volume Of the false sophistic transmutation, on page 16 we find a "grotesque" xylograph that puts in the pillory one of the capital sins of the Lesser Adepts.

The presumption or arrogance of profane blindness, as opposed to initiatory wisdom.

The same initiatory concept has been shown by the Fleming painter Bruegel in the painting of the five blind men. The latter, entrusting each other’s guide for the journey, fall into the swamp, in the allegory of the loss of the Path.

Bruegel, The Blind leading the Blind, National Gallery of Capodimonte, Naples.

Of the Metallic Transmutation, three Dreams

In the first of them it is dealt with the false sophistic transmutation.

The second deals with the useful transmutation called real usual.

The third one deals with the divine transmutation called real Philosophical.

Aggiuntovi di nuovo la Concordanza de Filosofi e loro Prattica; nella quale si vede i gradi, e termini di esso divino magistero e della verissima Compositione della Filosofia Naturale con la quale ogni cosa diminuita si riduce al vero Solificio e Lunificio.

[Note of the Translator: The above is written in old Italian; it can be translated as follows: By adding to the Wisdom of the Philosophers and to their Work, where we can see degrees and terms of the divine (initiatory) masterhood, the Alchemic Science (based on the principles of Nature), everything can be brought back (in essence) to a solar (spiritual) and lunar (material) work.]

(to be read)

«In the middle of the square there was a round stone with the diameter of 12 passus and high six passus. On top of it I saw a gilded figure, which I assumed it was a work of Apuleius, and that was his golden Ass.

This figure was sitting in the middle of the stone, his back was resting on a tall Cornucopia filled with flowers and fruits, useless, and playing the pipes; he was surrounded by playful monkeys, which were dancing in couples.».

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