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Imago Templi/ Book 5

by Athos A. Altomonte

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Index: The qualities of the Logoi in the Menorah (Part 2) The Four Keys for the interpretation of the Humankind / Method The Four Castes in the Esoteric System and the Initiatory Rule

The qualities of the Logoi in the Menorah / Part 2

Continuing in our journey we find the qualities of the Planets and how they manifest themselves.

The first manifestation, from the point of view of the individual – which is an inverted version of the real aspect – is made of the Aspects that manifest themselves more visibly in man and that he can recognize around himself. Indeed, man is the unconscious cause of many effects in the five Kingdoms of Nature that surround him

Dynamic Aspect 1



The Father


Attracting Aspect 2



The Mother


Activity Aspect 3



The Son


This essential triplicity is known by western devotees as Father, Son and Holy Spirit, because of the abolition of the female figure for reasons that I will not mention, decided in 325 A.D. in the Council of Nicaea.

This principle was strongly reaffirmed in 381 in the Council of Constantinople, where the Roman Church, for the Doctrine called of the Filioque, separated from the Christian branch present in all the nations of the western area up to Russia, with the schism of 1054.

As we saw in the diagram in Imago Templi 5.1 this Aspect Hierarchy, which corresponds to the colors Red, Blue and Yellow, is also connected to the other four Aspects that we might call subsidiary and, on their turn, connected to the Third Aspect of this Hierarchy, the color Yellow. In the East this color is a synonym of Son; in the West it is called Holy Spirit.

But as we know, the choice of a word has no influence whatsoever on the substance of the concept. Indeed, in the history of Tradition we find a ramification of ‘traditions’ that occurred precisely because of the change of language; the result was an interpretation of the concepts more and more deformed by those who received it.

The interpretations of these terms during the eras have even become contrasting between them, causing incomprehension and separation and even wars.

This change of languages has always originated because of the choice of few people to be different from others and to let their followers believe that what they were giving away was their own product and that as depositaries of the ‘new knowledge’ they were unique and better.

It is our duty, like any reputable researcher, to recognize this deceit of the false masters that have always been stirring in the Chaos with the purpose of separating what has been joined and fighting it with the only weapon accepted in the Temple, the Light of Truth, which we know is the Color White of the Order.

I think it is time to create a table for quick reference that resumes in simple terms all that we have considered so far, adding indications of eastern and western traditions.





Exoteric aspects

Esoteric aspects

1 Volcano


Spiritual Synthetic Body

(at present Indigo)

I Synthetic

2 Sun



Body of Energetic Synthesis

I Will

II Wisdom

3 Moon



Physical-Emotional Body

IV Concrete

VII Cyclical

4 Mars



Body of Desire

VI Devotional

VI Devotional

5 Mercury



Intuitive Body

IVIntellectual Harmony

II Wisdom

6 Jupiter



Energetic Body

II Wisdom

VII Ritual

7 Venus



Superior Mental Body

V Science

III Superior Mind

8 Saturn*



Mental Body

III Creative Activity

IV Conflict

9 Neptune


10 Uranus



11 Pluto


12 Earth*

III Creative Activity

IV Conflict

The Initiate is the man who, understood the knowledge placed in the Tradition, adapts to it by changing himself and his own personal opinions, transforming himself on the inside up to becoming Tradition Himself (Lesser Initiation). Once he has become Guardian of the Temple he will decide by conscience on the access to the Door for Those who will turn up at it, unveiling it or veiling the Path invisible to profane eyes.

The Four Keys for the interpretation of the Humankind / Method

This is the precise point in our journey where we should explain ourselves, once for all, the presence of four possible interpretations of any event connected to the humankind; if we don’t do it, we will lose the logic in the interpretation of the information that we will find.

These four keys must be connected to the Four Castes that divide the humankind. Before advancing we should strongly clear from our minds some dangerous prejudices that the profane malice of political and religious power stirrers have created in order to hide a universal (belonging to everyone) truth to the eyes of weak and blind people and then propose themselves as a guide of Peoples towards the abyss of ignorance. Here it appeared for man the Age of Iron or Kali Yuga, which has just ended (1942 circa) and lasted 5,000 years.

The Four Castes of Man originate as a scale of return from matter to spirit and we are all committed, more or less consciously, to the re-ascent of those four steps (Elements).

The Fourth Caste, the most material one (Earth Element) was called ‘of the untouchables’, but not in the derogatory sense that was given later for the purpose of exploiting Their weakness and turning them into slaves of institutions; the latter were created by men who were rich of violence and triviality. Among the many factors that mark the ‘barbarization’ of the dominating Castes of man – once they were abandoned to themselves, with the result of the appearance of the periods following the Gold one up to the Iron age (the dark) – the most obvious can be found in the need of these Castes, lacking a True inner Light, to show themselves to the crowds in their functions with more and more sumptuous clothing and more and more shining decorations (gold and precious stones). On the contrary of the Great Guides, whose clothing of a ‘unique’ color has always been characterized by absolute austerity; their only distinctive mark was the Seal that showed Their initiatory degree.

At first this word originated by the need to let the Brothers of the intellectually weaker part ‘live with tranquility’ in the experiences of their physical and intellectual level (Lunar, the Mysteries of Isis, Earth Element) and then, at the appropriate time, pass on to a higher reawakening (Venus, Water Element) in the Third Caste.

In a Martian three-fold stage, from violence to strength to will (Fire Element), this would have led man from the Third to the Second Caste (warrior and Royal) and here through the Trials of Saturn (the 12 Labors of Hercules, Aspect of the warrior Force), to the Initiation of the First Caste, the Sacerdotal one (Jovanian, Air Element) obtaining the Knowledge of the Greater Mysteries (Solar Initiation, Spiritual Element, the Triad).

This is the journey through the Mysteries (of Nature) that the Guides have traced for the Humankind, well aware that the ‘Man child’ would turn it into a cruel game for himself. But they were also aware that the (Spiritual) Nature would, at the appropriate time, show ‘His Face in the Form’ of man, making him to glory and likeness of His Great Architect.

This is why the Virtue of the Initiate is Patience, whilst Knowledge is only one of His Abilities.

The Four Castes in the Esoteric System and the Initiatory Rule

Man reads

Lower mind. The Fourth Caste reads history in all events.

Man elaborates

Mind. The Third Caste includes all events linking their motives.

Man senses

Superior mind. The Second Caste works in the events, because it senses their causes.

Man knows

Plane of the Triad (to the lower end). The First Caste is the invisible Point that joins the maximum of the minimum to the minimum of the maximum (re-read the sound of Earth and Sun in the previous pages) and works to make the causes through the Rules because it recognizes the Archetypes.

At this point we find the constitution of four levels in the real ability of the Power of Mind of man.

1st Level.

Man cannot interpret correctly what he sees and therefore he makes the mistake of falling into the world of hypothesis. No Initiation.

World of Chaos. The plane of suffering.

2nd Level.

Man can interpret what he learns, psychological key, by perceiving the causes that produce effects; in an attempt to arrange them, he learns the Art of Geometry in building the events of his own life. This is called the Middle Path. (Real) Initiation to the Temple.

Ars Muratoria. The plane of learning.

3rd Level.

Man works and fights for himself and for his Brothers (with the sword of Will) to destroy and transform in the world, esoteric key, ignorance and its forms of manifestation with Harmony and Right Judgment becoming Guardian of the Temple. (Real) Initiation to the Lesser Mysteries.

Ars Regia. The plane of Knowledge.

4th Level.

Man allows (Sacrifice of the lower Self) the Spiritual Project to manifest itself through its attributes, Initiatory key, in thoughts, actions and words.

He then becomes a Master Builder of the (spiritual) Humankind in the White Work of the Universal Freemasonry. (Real) Initiation to the Greater Mysteries.

Ars Pontificia. The plane of Wisdom and connection to the Project of the Great Architect and the Seven Great Builders.

It will now become comprehensible and unequivocal for all of us the Rule by which the (real) Initiate, reached the Unity within himself in the awareness of the 4 Castes (levels of conscience) covered, understood and assimilated, finds himself at the top of the Pentalpha, with power of command over the 5 Kingdoms of Nature present in Him since the emersion of the matter (following the so-called fall of the Angels).

If you have also found how Man – Unity and the 4 Castes (5) are in their own levels of growth linked to the influence (passive– invocative stage) and the contribution (active- evocative stage) of the Seven Aspects of the Seven Sacred Logoi, then it means that you are going to open the mystery of the Royal Secret of the Temple (XXXII degree of the Scottish Rite) at the moment carefully hidden in the intertwined Hexagram with the Dot in the middle.

I leave the reward of understanding by yourselves the mystery of the seven enclosed in the Seal of Solomon to your interpretative intelligence.

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