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When to choose to do good

by Athos A. Altomonte

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Q: ...It is very common to want to ‘do good’ or ‘dedicate ourselves to...’ at any cost, even when the person is not asking us that, and it is obvious that he would like to be left alone. But do we really do good? And who for?

A: Service for the humankind, here are some examples: children, mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, friends, people who are terminally ill, drug-addicted, mentally ill, depressed, destructive, self-injuring, socially lost, confused, alcohol dependant, etc... Then, there are those morally subjugated by any negative or wrong creed, ignorant and therefore conceited, presumptuous, arrogant and aggressive people, etc... All these people are not really ill, but they make other people ill, suffering and causing suffering because of their faults.

Dear friend, this list could go on and on, with many other categories of people which we might ‘help’, giving them our hand and perhaps a little bit of love, support and understanding even when they don’t ask for it explicitly.

The list for the ‘good Samaritans’ is really quite long, and they almost never expect any thanks for the hand they give.


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