The metaphor of the Widow

by Athos A. Altomonte

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The material body (physical form) in the esoteric interpretation is the Widow, whose children are the spirits of the men that live in it. In the solar (or dry) way they look for the reunification with the Spirit of the Monad (the inner God, Son or reflection of the greater God) and with it the restoration of the ‘primitive state’.
The personified Egos are called the prisoners of the Planet. That is the prisoners of the physical appearance. According to the ancient cosmogony, then, the children of the widow represent physical entities, personalities (the Hebrew nephesch) that are the passive elements (humid or lunar way) inborn in every physical form. The widow tries, through ‘her son’ to find her ‘celestial groom’, which is the spiritual Monad.

In the Great Work, this time on a planetary level, is sought the sacralization of (of the matter of) Gaia (or Gaea, feminine as well). The planet in every form, then, is the Great Widow ‘of the Solar Spirit’ (see Nature: born from UR, the spiritual sun).

In the personal work the spirit of man must re-join the soul, the celestial bride, obtaining the fusion of the two parts (the celestial Androgyne). This condition allows the physical Man (the Son of man) to become the earthly vehicle of the Monad, viz. the spiritual means (see pontifex, builder of bridges) of the divine spirit: the so-called ‘celestial Father’.

In archaic Cosmogony it is said, about that Man, that he went back to the ‘House of the Father’.

In conclusion, the Widow is the metaphor of the physical form devoid of spiritual light (see illumination), that is a personality ‘disjointed’ from the spiritual afflatus.

Therefore when we refer to the Widow in the legend of Hiram, we are not talking about the widow selling dates, but about the earthly generator of the M. Hiram. It is an emblematic figure of the Initiate that ‘reached’ the conscience of his own immortal part (spirit). Like in all the tales that refer to a spiritual Initiate, in this metaphor as well Hiram had an earthly mother (M. earth) but didn’t have a ‘physical father’.

This highlights the fact that the true ‘Genitor’ was the divine Spirit.


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