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The physical mind is like a guide dog

by Athos A. Altomonte

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Q : Many aspects and elements start coordinating with each other, but it is still difficult to synthesize them...

A : Dear Friend, it is not the exterior elements that need to coordinate with each other, but your mind, spurred by need-curiosity, is trying and organize itself in order to give You the answers You want.

It is always through this exercise of ‘will-need' that your mind will ‘end up' getting used to synthesizing what it sees but it is not interested to look at yet.

The physical mind is like a guide dog and in order to refine its abilities, which you will then use to ‘move' in the world of ideas, you must learn to train it with intelligence. This mental process, for example, is the characteristic of a specific initiatory School.

It is taught that ‘a well mannered man has a vivid imagination. For him the kingdom of impossible is reduced and the possible multiplies. The man who is gifted with it is not a dreamer. The illuminated mind doesn't dream: it foresees. It is necessary to understand the importance of imagination, especially during this era of general renovation that re-considers values. It is a matter of re-examining the conventional meaning of all concepts, in order to avoid wandering forever in a world of ghosts.'


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