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di Gene Fosdick

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It is said: "How wondrous is gratitude! It kindles so easily the fire of the heart, it fills the spirit with nobility. One should especially develop gratitude because gratitude is the sister of loyalty".

May we not also say that gratitude is the respect of service? The spirit, humbled before an evidence of service, salutes in deep admiration this selfless display of a flaming heart, through the expression of gratitude. Such a necessary emotion in the scheme of perfection, it imbues with the desire to imitate or to reimburse. A feeling which tenderly and subtly guides to a new understanding of the constructiveness of sacrifice.

Oppositely it is evident that ungratefulness attests to the blindness of the spirit which prevents recognition of the majesty of service, and to supreme ignorance which numbs the heart into stagnation with selfish greed.

Let us avoid this ignobility and recognize that this tender reward of the heart balances in the beautiful perfection of Divine Nature a service given for the general good. Another evidence of the unfailing justice of the heart as the fulcrum of human striving.

And with sincere hearts let us coltivate this beautiful blossom in the wreath of achievement with which we shall adorn the foundation of the future.  


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