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Intellectual Autarchy

by Athos A. Altomonte

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Everybody must be free to choose what he thinks is the best source of information. Because the ‘lone' search is subjective and cannot have any kind of imposition from the outside.

Autarchy, even in the esoteric field, doesn't obey any rule; otherwise we will need to enter a proper initiatory School, where we follow the rules of its tradition. In the first instance, then, the important thing is to have common sense, judgment and a little bit of self-criticism, without which intellectual autarchy will soon become cultural anarchy.

A while ago I was quite struck by the thought of a famous psychologist, who said: man dreams and when his dreams are shared by other people, the myths and legends (religious as well) of the humankind are born.

I agree that myths and legends (religious as well) are the spices of profane culture.

As well as helping to dream, though, it is useful to spur the ‘memory' of real concepts, even if they are represented in a more ingenuous (and therefore more efficient), allegorical, theatrical and psycho-dramatic form. This made me think that there is a book suitable for every season of life.

Certainly every great scientist, philosopher or statesman, in his childhood, has read fairy tales and adventure books and played many games. Even Jesus played with little birds. Later, though, when they progressed into the seasons of life, they grew, each devoting himself to his own path, to more advanced and mature ‘texts and contexts'. On this subject we must quote the motto that many esotericists use as a guideline: ‘science and conscience'.

We can also choose to grow and not become mature. Life is full of ‘old immature people'. But depending on his own possibilities, means and instruments, the esotericist, for example, could spur his fellow travelers to leave dreams behind and grow inside. He might suggest methods and systems which are ‘non-autarchic', but simply the most suitable to the different ‘mentality and sensitivity' of the individual traveler.

And since we all meet in a place ‘presumably' frequented by researchers (of truth) and (initiatory) esotericists, it would be appropriate, at least in this environment, to ‘unmask' the culture of myth and dream in order to find the ‘occult message' again.

Isn't perhaps this the job of the esotericist (esoterikos, to look inside)?

I remember a statement in the Ritual of initiation of the Rose & Cross: ‘ The veil of the temple was torn…' Let's learn, then, to tear the veil of Isis , let's destroy the veil of the sacred, let's break the dream (Maya) and learn to look inside…and beyond…ourselves.

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