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Brotherhood and liberticide

by Athos A. Altomonte

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Q : Dearest Athos, I won't be present at your conferences!....

But I absolutely cannot be present at a public conference that deals with those topics; or rather, at the conference organized by any other individual Brother, Lodge or Jurisdiction of my Obedience. In such a context, you will understand how the participation at a conference held by a Brother of ‘another' (?????) Obedience is not even an option...

: Dear Bro, I know what you are talking about.

Although I didn't think it was appropriate to publish it on Esonet , because we are an editorial enterprise free from political ‘Obediences' , I also received the correspondence of the Bro who has been penalized, that is Masonically blanked, for having taken part in a conference of the ‘opposition'.

What pain, though, what meanness! I was quite right in disowning the initiatory afflatus of the two opposite factions in an article of mine, referring to the ‘ Siblings rivalry ' (see Bad Fellows and Bad Masons ).

Allow me to say, though, as a ‘free and moral' Mason, that for whatever reason and with whatever justification people commit the liberticide of subjecting culture, in any of its forms, to the logic of power and political alliances, it is an act of Regime . Fascist, soviet, clerical or Masonic, there is no difference.

I have also reacted to ‘Magisterial threats'. I democratically opposed them, sent the threat back to where it came from, appealing to the law on privacy, in order to defend my ‘private' activity as a writer.

It appears that Risorgimento is not an essential requirement in the two Masonic Houses, which deep down, are profanely not very revolutionary but very illiberal.

I can indeed consider the evidence from another point of view. The signs of closure are obvious symptoms of malaise, commonly caused by insecurity.

Psychoanalysis teaches us that the cases of manifest aggressiveness are caused by deep states of insecurity.

Today more than ever, in my opinion, the political high ranks of Freemasonry fear their own destabilization. They are unable to give a response to strong requests, such as those from people who no longer believe in the gratification of sashes, collars and useless pieces of paper.

The ideas of renovation can only be repressed for short periods of time.

Esonet is a living example; it is as impossible to stop as an avalanche.

I am not a utopian if I say that the restoration of the initiatory Tradition , of which the inner path is an emblematic example, is starting to break up the concept of initiatory careerism , based on conquest, or rather on the ‘gracious concession' of sashes and collars from an authority which has been constituted not thanks to its value, but because of political compromising and electoral ballots.

This exoteric and often counter-initiatory system is on the decline.

The signs of ‘difficulty' are tangible (aggressiveness, censorships and prohibition) and in a few years we will see its collapse. Not the collapse of the initiatory Institution, mind you, but the fall of the ‘ Bad Fellows ', which still try and kill Hiram, the Master.

Poor people, they don't know that a spirit cannot be killed.


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