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The Great Book of Nature

by Athos A. Altomonte

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Once upon a time the expression ‘restoration of the ancient mysteries' was coined to deal with the most precious topics relating to the so-called greater initiation.

The first Book that helps us to unravel the ‘initiatory mysteries' is the Temple . It is a ‘symbolic theater' where the dramas of the human soul are represented through ceremonial and ritual mysteries. Ceremonial psycho-dramas come from the ancient mysteries of the Mediterranean Schools, whose light, as it is said in the esoteric catechisms, comes from the East.

The following stage is the approach to the Great Book of Nature ; the third is the Book of the Seven Seals . All together they make a method based on rules, which we might call the User Manual for life and existence.

The Great Book of Nature is the compendium of the main laws of physics that rule the life of this planet, whilst the Book of the Seven Seals gathers the laws that rule the motion of our solar system and its planets. It supports the universal harmony that mystics call ‘The Hand or Action of God'. Therefore the seven seals are the planetary system laws that rule the seven planets sacred for the esoteric astrology, whose central atom is the sun.

But in the latter, as well as in any other physical body, we can recognize both the material and the metaphysical components. So much so that what the initiate is most interested in is the spiritual component of the whole universal and cosmic system.

In those rules we can find the link between human microcosm and super-human macrocosm. This connection originates from the fact that both the lesser and the greater dimensions are parts of the same sphere of energetic action, called cosmic conscience. Here every dimension undergoes the same rules. This is where the analogy between great (high) and small (low) originates.

Once the initiate has learnt the basics of the cosmic Laws, his view begins to understand the motion of the cycles of existence. Ancient people symbolically called it ‘Universal Wheel'. The first instrument that allows the initiate to reflect the two faces of reality, the physical and metaphysical ones, is his conscience reflected in his mind. He will discover, then, that the thought shows itself through the conscience first and then through the mind, whilst with the word it materializes into physical aspects. It is the breath that forms the voice, which is vitalized by the will, letting the thought vibrate on the material plane. The ability to use the ‘word' is believed to be lost by many (see article ). But it would be more appropriate to say that its use has been forgotten and replaced by symbolic words.

If we wanted to discuss about initiatory esotericism we should ‘start from the beginning'. It means that we should consider planetary laws and then go on to universal laws. We would then get to the main topic which is esoteric Astronomy. In the Temple it is represented in the highest of its symbols, the so-called ‘Starry Vault'.

To know the rules of the dimension where we live helps the initiate to rule himself, dominating his own world, both interior and exterior.

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