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Freedom of choice and free will

by Athos A. Altomonte

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Although there is the common tendency to sum up the meanings of freedom of choice and free will and make their appearance similar, it is necessary to distinguish and separate the meanings of these two principles .

Freedom of choice and free will are the result of two different levels of conscience, which should never be mixed or circumscribed within the same precept. Freedom of choice and Free Will are expressions of different mental potentials. They are two independent elements, different in their accomplishment, but most of all different in the result they express.

The esoteric principles agree in stating the difference of conscience that distinguishes who undergoes freedom of choice, which originates unconscious choices, from who consciously uses the potential of free will to ‘animate' his actions.

Freedom of choice is the result of a physical mental view which, by nature, in the most elementary stages, is emotionally dimmed and muddy, if not even blinded by passion.

Even a strong-willed and determined physical view remains an instrument that is not very foreseeing and efficient. Indeed, free choice is generated by the emotion of the situation and is founded on casual intention. They are both determinations still far from the clear propositions of free will.

Free Will is, in actual fact, the generator of the Act of initiatory will that appears in a wide and enlightened mental view; it is totally different from the view originated only by the physical mind. This view is not only reasonable (ratio) or logical; it is more than that. Indeed, it is enlightened by the conscience of the higher Ego and the soul.

It will be easier to distinguish the two elements if we remember that free choice is the daughter of human soul , whilst free will is the result of soul and enlightened spirituality . By accepting this postulate we can compare some of its elements to the karmic concept of cause and effect.

Free choice is the limit imposed by the ordinary mind. It is the empirical way that manifests the conscience of the physical being and it is the instrument of all its experimentations, when wandering from one experience to another.

On the contrary , Free Will manifests the potential of an advanced conscience . It means that it is connected to the superior Ego through a bridge of subtle sensitivity. Free Will is therefore the instrument of the completely awaken and conscious will, physically expressed in the initiatory conscience. It is also the way of creative and conscious power that is placed at the service of Common Welfare.

The empirical way is the way of experiment, but also the way of ‘painful mistake', of falling and getting back up, hope and illusion. On the contrary, consciousness and free will lift the initiate from his mistakes more and more, but they do not protect him from the mistakes and fatality of other people.

Therefore a common fatality definitely joins together an ordinary man with an initiate. Because of this fatality the path marked by impersonality and free will must also become the path of comprehension and compassion for the pains and sorrows caused by the mistakes of the empirical way.

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