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Building antibodies against profanity

by Athos A. Altomonte

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Q : Shouldn't the Masonic institution represent a ‘bridge' between subtle and heavy? Shouldn't it work for the wellbeing and the progress of the Humankind and T.T.G.O.T.G.A.O.T.U.?

A : Dear Friend, I'll go straight to the point which I am most interested in.

I agree with your thinking, which I recognize.

I agree with what you write, that Freemasonry ‘should be' a bridge, but I also know that not always this is ‘possible'.

I am positive, as well, that Freemasonry is the bridge between ancient and present times, between inside and outside. Unfortunately, though, this statement goes from being absolutely categorical to being ‘on condition'.

What is certain becomes then only presumable, but not because of the contents of Freemasonry; it is rather for that aimlessly orbiting multitude, which slows down the vital impulse inborn in the ancient initiatory root hidden in the hermeticism of symbols.

Here the heavy that you detected appears. In Freemasonry, the ‘heavy' is the ballast of promiscuity and ignorance, given by the presence of elements alien to the initiatory nature of its ancient origins. Alien elements that entered the Corpus Massonicum for various reasons, far from those that end up in the ‘ sacerdotal metamorphosis of the pontifex' . The Builders of Bridges between (inner) heaven and earth.

Metaphorically speaking, the Masonic body as well, like any other living organ , is subjected to parasites of any kind and size, and the true Adept, like any cell of a living organ , must learn to develop energetic antibodies that are effective in contrasting them. Our antibodies are thoughts which, by lifting up, become more and more energetic and effective, so much so that not only they make us ‘ immune' from profane caducity, but make us able to transmit our own healthy vitality to other living cells in the same body, viz. Brothers and Sisters.


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