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Climbing, the true competition

by Athos A. Altomonte

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Q : Dear Athos, thank you for your specifications. Your guide as an ‘Expert and Terrible Master' is always…

A : Dear Friend, as the Ritual says, I can be an Expert and Terrible Brother, perhaps. Never a Master.

Also because I truly still wish to grow! And to consider myself as a Master would imply that I think I ‘succeeded' in understanding and knowing. And you will never see me making such a gross mistake! Furthermore, as you well know, since you know me, I am ‘climber' Brother by definition.

And after one peak I see another one I wish to climb straight away. For my own pleasure, always competing only with myself. With my incompetence.

In actual fact I don't feel the need to ‘compete' with someone but rather with something. And that is the obstacles that I set myself. Therefore everything happens between me and myself. This has happened for a lifetime and I like it too much to stop, perhaps to lie down in the comfortable ‘hammock' of those who think they've reached their happy island.

The obstacle is my intellectual adrenaline; if I keep going up I will maybe find an even better kind of adrenaline!

For me, these ‘climbs' (since you are a doctor: peak experiences ) are the best possible competition to test myself.


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