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The bluff of the inexistent initiation

by Athos A. Altomonte

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Q : Dear Athos, …I am deeply convinced about my choice of joining Freemasonry; I respect the principles and values of Universal Freemasonry and therefore I also appreciate situations and behaviors that I find difficult to understand. I get stronger and I sight what I will be with time…Difficulties sublimate and fortify the spirit, giving me a vision that becomes clearer and clearer…Does my condition call for silence at the moment? …But sooner or later the day will come when I will be able to offer a humble contribution to what some Brothers are doing.

A : Dear Bro, I am happy that you haven't forgotten the principles that distinguish a good Mason from the profane that sits next to him in the Temple . But you must agree that the ‘Masonic feelings' that lately are coarsening Freemasonry are not any longer the ‘climbing' to the Palaces of power, but the liberty-destroying impositions inside it.

However you put it, in the low planes of Masonic life there is not much left of Libertè-Egalitè-Fraternitè . They have been replaced by a soviet-style bureaucratization.

The arising of a censorial regime is the sign that the managers of the ‘Masonic power' are not sure of themselves. And the person who is afraid of confrontation is always suspicious.

The reason, as far as I know, is due to the bluff of virtual initiations . Which are not real, but symbolic and not impressed in the essence of the initiate, but only on the paper of ‘patents and licenses' (?) or on the fabric of ‘decorative clothing'.

The top management is afraid that if they open up, they will find someone who truly knows the ‘initiatory secrets'. They know very well that even if there aren't many and they don't ‘attend' the electoral meetings, Initiates truly exist. This scares them, because the presence of only one of them would call the bluff of ‘I won't tell you because it's a secret'. But there is no secret in Freemasonry other than the ignorance of certain ‘associates'.

And every secret stays secret for the simple reason that nobody would ever dream of communicating it to those ‘associates'. This is the source of their insecurity, the bluff of an initiation that they ‘sell' but they don't have. Therefore they are afraid that this inconvenient truth can reach the ‘people they manage' (what horrible expression) breaking the boundaries of their principles and ritual conventions.

But dear Bro, you are too young to know that we are talking about money. Yes, money, lots of money, given out for magisterial annuities and similar, expenses, prebends and administrative checks.

But they certainly don't mention this to the ‘low force', as They call it.


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