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Priest exorcist and magician

by Athos A. Altomonte

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Q : (1 ) Could you tell me what is the difference between a priest exorcist and a magician? Some people say that they are the same thing for the purpose of the elimination of negativity...other people say that we need to go to the magician (2) in cases of bad luck, whilst we need the priest in cases of paranormal phenomena (smell of rotten meat, unexplainable noises, presences, etc.)... Some magicians (3) sustain the existence of spirits and demons; others also mention the negative energies of nature and macrocosm (which are not entities, but pure energies)...not to mention the Church, which says that magic is always an instrument of the devil...

Could you please answer these questions... I am keen on paranormal phenomena, but I am realizing that the more I try and enquiry on this subject the less I understand, because of the opposite opinions on the matter. Thank you.

A : (1) In an abstract sense they could be the same thing, but in actual fact we know it is not so. Indeed, the term ‘magicians' today doesn't identify any longer ‘great Initiates' but the proselytes of ‘rural magic' (peasant), operators of ordinarily astral rites.

(2) Any good analyzer would trace the unlucky event back to the right parameters of error. Error as bad management of his own initiatives and resources, rather than punishment ‘from the heavens'; he would not consider the superstitious approach. With particular explanations the philosophy of Karma clarifies the inconsistency of bad luck, punishment and sin, which come into the parameters of the law of Cause-Effect, to which has dedicated many essays.

(3) In the nine cosmic planes known to man, without considering those above and below his perception, there is the manifestation of energies with multiple polarities. They can appear to be in conflict, but in actual fact they are only moving, rotating and winding like the rapids of a stream. Man is a catalyzer of these energies, able to color them with his own emotions, thoughts and feelings. It is said ‘think positive'. True, very true. Through ‘acts of conscious will' we can transform a first conflicting energy (negative for us) into complementary energy (positive for us).

The sense of exorcisms and magic disappears if we discover the power that comes from the integration of will, mind and conscience. This is how the Initiate subdues any entity with a lower nature (that doesn't have any spiritual light) to his own will (spiritual). Therefore it's not formulas that determine precedence in relations between low and high, but the spiritual charisma (light). Priests and magicians cannot operate through a charisma (inner light) that they don't have; instead, they use surrogates such as astral manipulations and suggestions.

(4) In the field of paranormal we can find a thousand questions but no answers, because paranormal is mystery rather than solution. Solutions belong to the scientific field. Specifically I suggest the appeal to psychoanalysis, especially with regards to the study of altered states of conscience and branches of inquiry on the unconscious (the so-called inferi) and super-conscious (the so-called inner sky). There you will find the answers you are looking for.

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