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A sighting point

by Athos A. Altomonte

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Q : Dearest Athos, your works are beautiful, but often the experiences had during the initiatory journey are very different, when not disappointing, from what we expect.

This is a bitter consideration that I am sure many brothers will share. F.

A : You are right; I agree with the bitterness that I have felt myself several times. But this doesn't mean that the will to build is not still full and strong.

It is the will to build in ‘higher and higher points' where the splashes of profane malevolence cannot reach. On uplands where to stop in silence to rest, among brotherly friends, talking about better knowledge that can help us in the journey when we go back to the valley.

Knowledge is then defense and, why not, the ability to point the way to the traveler that, next to us, has lost the orientation by wandering about aimlessly. It is an address we can offer him before he loses his hopes and doubts that the goal, so clear from the top, really exists and can be reached. So, wouldn't you like to build a high sighting point, where the view between present and past is much better?


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