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The margins of the greater Brothers

by Athos A. Altomonte

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The margins of the greater Brothers

by Athos A. Altomonte

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: Dear Athos, I would like to analyze thoroughly the meaning of ‘preparation', ‘the highest possible model' and ‘the common margins of universality'. Thank you... A.

: Dear Friend, I gladly reply to you.

By preparation we mean the ‘cognitive journey' that the Postulant (Aspirant) must carry out under the ‘expert' guide of an Instructor. Usually the latter is an older Disciple of an Ashram ruled by a Master (see Ray). The preparatory stage (not to be confused with the ‘probationary' stage) puts the young Pupil in contact with all the knowledge that he unconsciously keeps in his ‘casual body, or Self, or superior Ego', however you want to call it (they are all synonyms).

This is important: the knowledge that is the prerogative of the advanced Disciple is not the result of lots of notions piled up in his physical memory. It is called ‘ knowledge by contact '. Contact between his personality (the unconscious child) and his superior Ego or true Self (the Greater and conscious Brother). This is the ‘Path' and nothing else.

Therefore the true ‘preparation' is nothing but the building of the ‘ bridge of conscience ' that links the two entities. From the ‘connection' between the personal (impermanent) self and the Ego or true (permanent) Self originates the purest source of knowledge (the so-called ‘occult education') that manifests itself interiorly, through a practically unlimited question and answer system.

Each growth stage looks at, desires and admires a model that, once reached, is disappointing. The initiatory growth doesn't only follow a static model (book or person), but it follows a constant growth, moving its attention on more and more advanced and sophisticated models. I'll give you an example.

If once reached the understanding of a cultural model we stopped there, we would prevent its evolution by ignoring it. Indeed, any model is the ‘physical precipitation' of an abstract idea of a greater nature. Therefore we must worry to follow the final model, the so-called ‘archetype'.

In the instance of an initiate, the first model of reference will be represented by a Master of Life and the eternal teaching that he gives. But once overcome this stage, the model will be the Self, which is the first occult Master of the Disciple, and so on, up to finding ourselves going up towards the divine Monad also called the inner God.

Therefore the ‘highest' possible model is determined by our own abilities (which therefore must be developed) to recognize it and by our will to achieve it.

According to the initiatory Doctrine the ‘common margins of universality' are given by the inner dimension that marks the ‘boundary' between the chaotic sea of emotions, that determine confused thoughts and languages, and the specific peaceful dimension of the animic knowledge (of the soul) which, due to its divine requirements, is shared by all souls, and joins together in a truly universal meeting.

Thanks to the common ‘requirements' of every soul, any Initiate who reaches that inner dimension recognizes any other conscience and Being (essence) as simile. And the recognition of self ‘ in everyone ' is universal love and peace.


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