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Sense of the soul and initiatory impersonality

By Athos A. Altomonte

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Dear friend, empathy – as you call it – is essential. But recognition doesn't depend on our work or even our collaboration. Recognition (by the rule: by recognizing you will be recognized ) occurred in terms of ‘principle' which, in our case, has purely service and initiatory features.

Everything leads us to assume an impersonal recognition (tendency within the limits), because it aims at abstract concepts. In other words, initiatory research doesn't respond to personal needs, but to much deeper drives. Whoever starts the journey in search of the ‘golden fleece' is not only an Argonaut, but an instrument of the deep conscience (soul). A researcher of ‘light' cannot help receiving and giving ‘love'.

It is a particular love, though. It is neither visceral nor emotional, but cardiac.

This means intellectual love. Far away from factiousness such as: ‘every cockroach is beautiful to his mother's eyes!'

If we choose to become ‘divulger', well, brother, this means being driven by a generous heart. Not a greedy reason but a mind that shares with others the ‘saving' instruments' of heart and intellect; viz. the instruments of initiatory spirit.

And this is the path to re-elevate the Hiram inside us.

Finally, a few words on destiny, which we don't accept or undergo, but we build.

As Aurobindo teaches us, we live today what we decided yesterday.

Therefore, you will live tomorrow what you are thinking today.


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