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Master Masons

by Athos A. Altomonte

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Rereading what a friend wrote, viz. that very few Master Masons of an excellent initiatory level are keen to talk with non Masonic esotericists, I focused the attention on the fact that being Master Masons doesn't necessarily means being initiates. At least, not of the kind of initiation I am talking about (see There is initiation and Initiation). This comes from an inner realization very similar to a metamorphosis (see Men who want ‘Wings' ). Nevertheless, this is not just any change. It is a structural modification of conscience that destroys the previous limits of ability and quality of mind. Therefore every meaning appears wider and deeper and this gives the idea of illumination.

In his writing, our friend continues by saying that: esotericists cannot be called ‘Profane' because technically they are not, although many Masons think that this is the case.

I would have a lot to say about this, too. I will only remind you that the Ceremonial of Initiation for the 3 rd (symbolic) degree is based on the inner resurrection that occurs in the soul of the candidate, the Master Mason, Master Hiram, which is the spiritual guide of the Builders of the ancient Temples .

In this psycho-drama we must not miss the fact that Hiram was killed by three Bad Fellows (Fellow is the degree before the Master). Therefore the catechism of this degree warns that the ‘killers' of the holy spirit are not among those outside of the Temple (which is the material symbol of the Initiation), but among those inside it.

This parable gives us the key for an initiatory morale. Not so much because it indicates the re-birth of the ‘spiritual workmen' in the ‘alive' resurrection, but because it identifies the traitors of the spiritual principles among those that sit between the Pillars of the Temple .

As far as I am concerned this is as plain as day. But everybody knows, it is easier to see the mote in the brother's eye than to see the beam in one's own.

Here it is, then, why many Masons call ‘laymen' people who don't seat among them, whilst it would be wiser to look around themselves (see False transmutation).

I think that those who try and achieve the Work must understand that initiation ‘cannot be bestowed by anyone'. It is only the result of an inner progress that nothing will be able to replace. It will not be obtained by trade or as an award, but only by changing oneself.

After all to become a good musician it is not important to belong to one orchestra or another. What counts is a great sensitivity and competence in the Art.


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