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There is initiation and Initiation

by Athos A. Altomonte

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«All our disputes and intellectual speculations on the divine mysteries are useless, because they come from external sources.
God's mysteries are known only to god and in order to learn them we must first of all look for god in our own center.»
Aurora - Jacob Boehme

Usually nobody is interested in understanding what Initiation is; what it means to be an Initiate; what is required in order to become one. Maybe because knowing certain things would involve making awkward comparisons. Our friend A. D'Alonzo has already talked about the difference of regular initiation from any other thing that is not regular.

The discussion, though, should continue on other fundamental concepts of initiation. This means to distinguish between symbolic initiation and Initiation. This would be already enough to outline three psycho-initiatory profiles: irregular initiate, symbolic initiate and real Initiate. Through this distinction we clearly have the difference between lesser initiate and greater Initiate ; therefore between lesser mysteries and greater mysteries.

You can clearly see the differences; finally we can think about our own project, viz. where we want to get to.

I'll give you an example. When we are children we can't distinguish between a model of car and another. Neither do we know the difference between a small and a big engine, the difference between driving a car in town and a racing car on a track. In the game we are all Schumacher, because everything is possible with imagination. But when we become spectators of reality the differences are clear and everything goes back to its real dimension. It would be the same if we met a true Initiate; it is a rare, but not impossible (if willing).

Although I am not an initiate, I have matured a certain knowledge that allows me to distinguish a symbolic from a real Initiate, through ‘symptoms' that characterize them and that make the difference between them.

My conclusions are to continue on the journey of re-cognition and distinction between the different kinds of initiation. This is the only way to be sure about the direction to take and not to get stuck into delusions.


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