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The Initiatory Community

by Athos A. Altomonte

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According to the principles of our School the (initiatory) Community is made of ‘Groups' of Aspirants that ‘revolve' around a central nucleus managed by an Elder Brother, irradiating harmony (love) and knowledge, which is ‘recognized' as a Master. Both an Advanced Brother – a Master – that manages a Community, and an Instructor – an advanced Disciple – that manages a Group of Aspirants or lesser initiates, don't represent in any way themselves, an ideology or a personal point of view based on opinions. On the contrary, they both represent an ever bigger ‘ability' to reflect the Hierarchic Teaching on their Brothers.

This Teaching comes from the experience on the ‘ Meaning of Life ' gained and passed on by Members of the same humankind.

It is a Community of advanced Initiates called ‘ Hierarchy ' that stands out essentially for a hierarchy of inner, metaphysical and spiritual values, born from the renewed link between the part of conscience immersed in the matter of the physical Triad and its counterpart outside it: the animic and monadic Triads.

The initiatory teaching stands out from the many ‘esoteric opinions' matured from the speculative imagination of the non-introduced to the Mysteries especially for its unvaried presence in the field of knowledge of the humankind since ancient times. The ‘wisdom' that today reaches the Aspirant has crossed, unchanged, the knowledge continuum of all times and all the different stages of research of truth that the adepts of the mysteriosophic and devotional Orders have experienced. The change in their cognitive abilities lead to the change of the (psychological) ‘languages' that represented the level of their ‘progress' of knowledge and conscience, appearing hermetic, mystic, alchemic, etc. Nevertheless this ended up passing on the ‘traditional' confusion among the (apparently) different philosophical ideologies that formed the body of the many exoteric interpretations of esotericism.

The Teaching as we mean it is speculative only in the propaedeutic stage that in the ancient Tradition was called ‘of the Threshold'. It is called so because it introduces the Aspirant to the Path of Initiation, turning him into a Disciple in probation, viz. an Aspirant that starts facing the trials determined by the line of his own personal progress (evolution).

The line of personal progress is influenced, more or less consciously, by two elements. The first unconscious element of the profane is a good or bad orientation. The second conscious element, reserved to the advanced Disciples, is re-orientation; this time on the vertical plane, which occurs between the personality of man and his soul, whose most visible part is Ego (Psichè, the intelligent activity of the soul). It appears obvious straight away that the Teaching we mean is an extremely operative reality, once we have learnt its terms.

Being assimilated in the different levels of conscience of the Disciple, the practice of a particular kind of mental activity ends up transforming its ‘animal' characteristics (emotional: impulses-instinct and desire-passion) in rational and logical characteristics, up to reaching intuition and intellect. This is the real ‘esoteric' sense of the ‘Metamorphosis' of the Disciple. Then, through intuition the (solar) ‘Light' of one's own (spiritual) metaphysical essence becomes able to enlighten its own phenomenal (material) existence , personality (always ‘humid and passive').

Intuition (inspiration, vocation, illumination and inner revelation) is the fundament of intelligence (not to be confused with mere erudition, archive of the physical reason) and these two elements can be symbolically considered the two pillars of the ‘ Bridge ' that allows to start the Work of integration between the physical mind and the so-called pure reason, viz. the thought of the soul. In the transmutation the Disciple lets out around himself, in his actions and words, the inner balance (the justice aspect); therefore the teaching is ‘reflected' with effects visible outside man, living being. Therefore in its manifestation the Teaching stops being only a theoretical and speculative element, although precious, and it becomes living Ethics . Living Ethics is, in other words, the Teaching that is embodied in man and expresses itself through his thought and actions.

The Hierarchy of the Masters is a Community of very advanced men that works for the Benefit of the Humankind, acting also as Guides of men among the most able and willing, who are keen most of all on changing themselves, accepting to abandon preconceived opinions and relative and separating ideologies. But they are also positive about abandoning masks, roles, habits and models that will be ‘demonstrated' to be illusory and imaginary (Maya) and taking up models given by the ‘esoteric Realism' (which for the moment we will not explain).

In conclusion of this short introduction to the meanings of ‘living Ethics', we would like to highlight how in ancient times the Teaching was defined by the term ‘Tradition' (not to be confused with popular ‘traditionalism') that Disciples and lesser initiates exoterically called ‘initiatory science'. We would also like to point out to the less thorough reader that the term used is ‘science'. Finally, as the most patient among our readers will be able to see, initiatory science and ceremonial Magic (spiritual theurgy, not to be confused with ‘practical', symbolic and representative theurgy, used in rites of the churches and in the temples of devotional cults) have nothing to do with the magic of the popular esotericism carried out by ‘practitioners' that work outside the (universal) Order and its Hierarchy. Today the elements of the same science are recognizable in the topics of the several concrete sciences, unfortunately still separated from each other. These sciences are parts of the same body that has been dissected, and therefore it is not live and efficient as it could be, and will be, tomorrow.

The ordinary man (we are not using this term in a derogatory sense) is a thought-form unaware of himself (his own Self) and of what he generates with his own words and actions. On the contrary, the advanced Disciple is already a self-conscious thought-form and he is able to determine the forms that he generates with his words and actions. The initiate generates with judgment any action and opportunity deciding what, how, where, when and to whom he considers right, useful and economical to ‘give or do'. A ‘realist' philosopher said once that trying to help fools is foolish. This is why an Instructor, and even more a Master, will not start a Work ‘if the workers are not really ready'.

The advanced Disciple and the Initiate, although with different dimensions, are both aware of Themselves as a spiritual and physical thought-form. The advanced Disciple learns that it is natural to build his own thought-forms to be used for the benefit of his own Service. It is understandable, then, the reason why it is said that the Initiate inflames with his words the space around him and that moves the energy of space with his actions. All this is true and possible for any Initiate.

A last clue to highlight the transmuting will of the initiatory Teaching as we mean it can be given with an extract from the Commentary of a Master: ‘ …the Mysteries are revealed not by receiving information about them and their process, but by action of certain processes carried out in the ethereal body of the Disciple (the event of communicating between soul and personality is called by popular esotericism a ‘revelation'. Technically, this event is recognized by esoteric science as the sign of a certain kind of inner ‘telepathy' that joins two elements of conscience, the physical mind and the animic mind [the Buddhic plane] that belong to the same ‘area of conscience'; without it the true link with the Aura of the Master, viz. the constant and not occasional master, it will be impossible to achieve – Note of the Author.) …they allow him to know what is hidden; they give him a mechanism of revelation and make him aware that he has in himself certain powers or ‘irradiating and magnetic' energies that constitute channels of activity and methods through which he can acquire what is a privilege of the Initiate to own and use…".

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