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Qualifying one's own thought

by Athos A. Altomonte

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: Perhaps our inner journey is carried out inside the heart (Heart = Soul = Sun) and not in the head (Brain = Spirit = Moon)?

A: From what is taught about the position of chakras and their progressive opening, the representation doesn't correspond to reality, because the process progressively involves heart, cardiac center, seat of the bridge with the soul, followed by the mind, the center of the head.

The interaction between them occurs through the scapular center (see Treaty of the Cosmic Fire), which is on the back, between the shoulders. From the lighting of this center originates the myth of wings.

The activity of these two centers (cardiac sensitivity and intelligence of the Ego) starts a third center which is the chakra of the throat. This completes the occult triangle of spiritual energy, from which the creative operator originates, whose intelligence is at the service of the soul.

It is interesting to notice that people consciously focused in the plane of physical mind, source of astral clouding – Maya or illusion of the lower self (in Sanskrit Kama-Manas) – don't recognize the need to build the plane of the abstract mind (in Sanskrit Manas) and indeed, they remove the possibility to achieve the form of superior intelligence that is the threshold of the plane of spiritual mind (in Sanskrit Buddhi). This plane indicates an intelligence enlightened by spiritual conscience, called by hermeticists Pure Reason.

To confirm the importance of mental quality (the knowledge aspect – 3 rd Ray), we can remember how the Creator of the Universe has been called Cosmic Mind. Finally, going back to a more immediate level, isn't it said that ‘the body becomes what it eats and man becomes what he thinks'? Therefore qualifying one's own thought (thinking ability) at its best is the substantial task of those that from aspirant want to turn into disciples; this means to learn in order to understand, avoiding the immobility of a physical mind.

The true meaning of simple language is what is called ‘cardiac language' or ‘heart to heart'. We appeal to the heart to enlighten the mind. This transmission occurs through the generosity of those that place themselves at the service of the altruistic teaching (not aimed at personal gain) and it doesn't show a communication lacking meanings and made of approximate forms. The specificity of the cardiac language is synthesis, which is the greatest of abilities to understand.


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